Identification and antibiotic resistance profiling of bacterial isolates from septicaemic soft-shelled turtles (Pelodiscus sinensis) T.H., Yi S.W., Kim B.S., Kim W.I., Shin G.W. (2017): Identification and antibiotic resistance profiling of bacterial isolates from septicaemic soft-shelled turtles (Pelodiscus sinensis). Veterinarni Medicina, 62: 169-177.
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The present study sought to identify pathogens associated with septicaemia in the Chinese soft-shelled turtle (Pelodiscus sinensis) and to characterise antibiotic resistance in these pathogens. Twenty-three isolates recovered from the livers of diseased soft-shelled turtles were genetically identified as Aeromonas hydrophila (n = 8), A. veronii (n = 3), Citrobacter freundii (n = 4), Morganella morganii (n = 3), Edwardsiella tarda (n = 2), Wohlfahrtiimonas chitiniclastica (n = 1), Chryseobacterium sp. (n = 1), and Comamonas sp. (n = 1). Most isolates (n = 21) were resistant to ampicillin whereas a low percentage of isolates was susceptible to aminoglycosides (amikacin, gentamicin, and tobramycin). PCR assays and sequence analysis revealed the presence of the qnrS2 and blaTEM antibiotic resistance genes in all isolates. The blaDHA-1, blaCTX-M-14 and blaCMY-2 genes were harboured by 17.4% (n = 4), 13.5% (n = 3) and 8.7% (n = 2) of the strains, respectively. One or more tetracycline resistance genes were detected in 60.9% (n = 14) of the isolates. Four isolates (17.4%) harboured single or multiple class 1 integron cassettes. Collectively, a variety of bacterial pathogens were involved in the occurrence of septicaemia in Chinese soft-shelled turtles and most of the isolates had multi-antibiotic resistant phenotypes. To our knowledge, the present report is the first to identify W. chitiniclastica and Comamonas sp. as causes of septicaemia in soft-shelled turtles and the first to identify Aeromonas spp. with blaCTX-M-14 and blaDHA-1 resistance genes.

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