Removal of a tracheal foreign body by intercostal thoracotomy in a cat S., Gokce A.P., Yesilovali G. (2018): Removal of a tracheal foreign body by intercostal thoracotomy in a cat. Veterinarni Medicina, 63: 438-442.
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In this case report, we describe a five-year-old, mixed-breed, neutered male cat weighing 5.7 kg, that was referred to the Near East University Animal Hospital with complaints of dyspnoea, cough and lack of appetite over the preceding two days. Clinical examination revealed marked wheezing during expiration, severe shortness of breath and associated cyanosis. A blood sample was drawn for full blood count, serum biochemical and blood gas analyses. Laterolateral and ventrodorsal radiographic images of the thorax and abdominal region were obtained. A radiopaque foreign body measuring 3 × 9 × 13 mm was detected at the carina of the trachea, aligned in the midst of the fifth–sixth intercostal space. Considering that this foreign body obstructed the tracheal lumen almost completely and had been creating pressure on the tracheal wall for at least two days and also with the aim of preventing potential complications (tracheal rupture, laceration, etc.), after repeated unsuccessful interventions to minimise the time spent under anaesthesia, the object was removed by intercostal thoracotomy. The subject was discharged on the sixth postoperative day and regained its normal state within a short time.

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