Acute toxicity of praziquantel to fish Danio rerio and planktonic crustacean Daphnia magna

Zuskova E, Piackova V, Valentova O, Zalohova K, Velisek J (2022): Acute toxicity of praziquantel to fish Danio rerio and planktonic crustacean Daphnia magna. Vet Med-Czech 67, 579–584.

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This study evaluated the toxicity of the pyrazino isoquinoline anthelmintic praziquantel (PZQ) to the Danio rerio zebrafish and Daphnia magna water flea. The estimated 24 h and 96 h LC50 of PZQ to the zebrafish was 39.9 mg/l and 30.4 mg/l, respectively. The highest 24 h and 96 h non-lethal concentration (LC0) was 21.7 mg/l and 21.2 mg/l, respectively. The mobility inhibition test of the juvenile Daphnia magna revealed a 48 h EC50 of 42.7 mg/l.

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