A case report: Characteristic plain radiographic findings of a displaced abomasum in a heifer


Kazama K, Onda K, Arai S, Shinozuka Y, Kawai K, Kaneko K, Kondo T, Yamada K (2022): A case report: Characteristic plain radiographic findings of a displaced abomasum in a heifer. Vet Med-Czech 67, 46–50.

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A 9-month-old Holstein heifer with a history of severely poor growth presented with diarrhoea. On physical examination, a metallic pinging sound was heard on the simultaneous percussion and auscultation of the left trunk. On the cranial abdominal radiography, the contour of a gas-filled balloon-like abomasum wall was delineated, which elevated to the dorsal abdomen. Radiopaque sand at the bottom of the abomasum had been pulled up caudodorsally by the gas-filled abomasum. After surgery, the gas-filled balloon-like appearance of the abomasum wall disappeared and the radiopaque sand was located in the normal position. To our knowledge, no reports on a displaced abomasum on plain radiographs are available. The radiographic findings described herein are characteristic imaging findings of a displaced abomasum. Abdominal radiography could be a new option as an auxiliary diagnostic approach for a displaced abomasum.

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