Carotid body tumour in a dog: computed tomography and histopathology findings and evaluation of surgical management Y., Jeong S., Kim J., Eom K., Yoon H. (2019): Carotid body tumour in a dog: computed tomography and histopathology findings and evaluation of surgical management. Veterinarni Medicina, 64: 184-189.
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A 2.5-kg, eight-year-old, neutered male Yorkshire Terrier was presented for evaluation of a cervical mass that had first been noticed a year earlier. A firm spherical mass located caudal to the left mandible was found on physical examination. Ultrasonography revealed a well-defined, round-shaped mass located medial to the left mandibular salivary gland that was approximately 2.6 cm in height, 2.3 cm in width and 3 cm in length. Volume-rendered images obtained by computed tomography (CT) showed that the left external and internal carotid arteries and internal jugular vein were encased in the mass. A definitive diagnosis of carotid body tumour was made based on histopathology. The tumour and the carotid arteries and internal jugular vein encased in the tumour were resected using CT-based surgical planning. The regional neural structures were preserved by careful blunt dissection. The dog had a mild hacking cough after swallowing and hoarseness that disappeared spontaneously five days and two months, respectively, after surgery. There was no evidence of recurrence or distant metastasis at 18 months postoperatively. This case report describes successful surgical management of a carotid body tumour with ligation and transection of the carotid arteries in a dog. To the authors’ knowledge, this is the first report of successful surgical treatment of an advanced carotid body tumour based on CT findings.

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