An oesophageal benign stricture: Endoscopy treatment limitation and surgical management in a heifer
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A 4-month-old female red Holstein Friesian heifer was referred with intermittent meteorism and regurgitation associated with poor weight gain. The subject showed a fair physical condition with an increased respiratory rate, normal food prehension, mastication, and swallowing activity. The blood gas analysis showed mild respiratory acidosis. An oral gastric tube introduction followed by an endoscopy confirmed the provisional diagnosis of benign oesophageal stenosis. An endoscopic balloon and bouginage did not result in any stricture release, probably due to the degree of fibrosis of the stenotic ring. A surgical approach with a mucosectomy was performed, which restored the normal oesophageal function. Based on the authors’ knowledge, this is the first description of a bovine oesophageal mucosectomy as a definitive surgical treatment for a stricture after the failure of both balloon dilation and a bougienage technique.

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