Episiectomy and partial vaginectomy with urethroplasty for excision of vulvar mast cell tumour in a female dog


Santos DL, Chaves JF, Souto MP, Lima GMM, Siqueira JS, Sousa SS, Silva GS, Moura MAO, Ribas PS, Schwanke K, Bezerra Junior PS, Teixeira PPM (2021): Episiectomy and partial vaginectomy with urethroplasty for excision of vulvar mast cell tumour in a female dog. Vet Med-Czech 66, 121–126.

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This case report describes the surgical treatment of a grade II mast cell tumour in the vulvar region of a 4-year-old female Miniature Pinscher dog. The patient weighed 2 kg, and the tumour measured 2 cm in diameter. The surgery involved an episiotomy, a partial vaginectomy, and a subsequent urethroplasty. Due to the patient’s small size, the surgical margins were set at 2 cm laterally and 2 cm deep, which meant that the entire vulva, as well as the ventral part of the vaginal canal had to be removed. Afterwards, the urethral ostium was elliptically fixed to the skin at the end of the urethroplasty. The follow-up evaluations revealed an excellent recovery without metastasis or recurrence over the following two years.

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