Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001)

No. 11–12

Original Paper
Serosurvey of sheep and goats to Chlamydia psittaci in Slovakia during the years 1996-2000
Trávniček M., Kováčová D., Zubrický P., Čisláková L.
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 281-285abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of vitamin E and vitamin A supplementation on performance, thyroid status and serum concentrations of some metabolites and minerals in broilers reared under heat stress (32 degrees C)
Sahin N., Sahin K., Küçük O.
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 286-292abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Impaction of right dorsal colon in the horse: report of 32 cases
Mezerová J., Kabeš R., Žert Z., Jahn P., Hanák J.
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 293-300abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Combined effects of repeated low doses of aflatoxin B-1 and T-2 toxin on the Chinese hamster
Rajmon R., Sedmíková M., Jílek F., Koubková M., Härtlová H., Bárta I., Šmerák P
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 301-307abstractdownload PDF
Strategies for differentiation, identification and typing of medically important species of mycobacteria by molecular methods
Dvorská L., Bartoš M., Martin G., Erler W., Pavlík I.
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 309-328abstractdownload PDF
Hypotheses on the origin and transmission of BSE  
Hruška K.
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 329-332abstractdownload PDF

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