Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001)

No. 2

Original Paper
The development and application of an indirect Elisa test for the detection of antibodies to bovine respiratory syncytial virus in blood serum 
K. Kovařčík
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 29-34abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The use of the computer technology for the evaluation of the strict morphological sperm analysis 
Z. Věžník, O. Matoušková, D. Švecová, A. Zajícová
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 35-40abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Release of oxytocin, prolactin and cortisol in response to extraordinary suckling 
V. Tančin, D. Schams, W.-D. Kraetzl, J. Mačuhová, R.M. Bruckmaier
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 41-45abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Gene typing of the colonisation factor K88 (F4) in enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli strains isolated from diarrhoeic piglets
P. Alexa, K. Štouračová, J. Hamřík, I. Rychlík
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 46-49abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Purification of Escherichia coli-expressed HIS-tagged Maedi-Visna p25 core antigen by Ni2+-chelate affinity chromatography 
D. Molinková
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 50-54abstractdownload PDF
The use of the dry cow therapy in the control of bovine mastitis 
Sz. Jánosi, G. Huszenicza
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 55-60abstractdownload PDF

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