Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001)

No. 3

Original Paper
Effects of humine compounds on iodine utilisation and retention and on the function of the thyroid gland
Herzig I, Pisarikova B, Kursa J, Bendova J.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 61-64abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The effect of oral administration of salbutamol on the glycoconjugate composition in goblet cells of the tracheal epithelium in rabbits
Vajner L., Konrádová V., Uhlík J., Zocová J.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 65-69abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The expression of sialylated molecules in parafollicular-cell hyperplasia of the canine thyroid gland
Vajner L., Vortel† V., Brejcha A.
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 70-74abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication
Artificial perforations of the stomach in pigs and rats and their covering by the abdominal wall
Fortýn† K., Hruban V., Horák V., Tichý J.
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 75-77abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Find of bird-pox (variola avium) in blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla)
Rajchard J., Rachač V.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 78-79abstractdownload PDF
Czech research in veterinary medicine
Hruška K.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 80-87abstractdownload PDF

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