Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001)

No. 7–8
Original Paper
Apoptosis of neutrophilic granulocytes of bovine virgin mammary gland in scanning electron microscopy
Z. Sládek, D. Ryšánek
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 185-189abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Leukocytes in bovine virgin mammary gland: flow cytometry imaging during development and resolution of induced influx
Z. Sládek, D. Ryšánek, M. Faldyna
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 190-198abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Detection of neoplastic cells in blood of miniature pigs with hereditary melanoma
P. Pohlreich, J. Stříbrná, Z. Kleibl, V. Horák, J. Klaudy
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 199-204abstractdownload PDF
The transmission and impact of paratuberculosis infection in domestic and wild ruminants
W.Y Ayele, M. Macháčková, I. Pavlík
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 205-224abstractdownload PDF
Emergency control of transboundary diseases of livestock in Southern and Eastern Europe
K.J. Wojciechowski, R. Paskin, L. Pite, K. Hruška
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 225-228abstractdownload PDF

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