Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001)

No. 9–10
Original Paper
Optimal dietary concentrations of vitamin C and chromium picolinate for alleviating the effect of low ambient temperature (6.2 degrees C) on egg production, some egg characteristics, and nutrient digestibility in laying hens
N. Sahin, K. Sahin
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 229-236abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
In vitro antagonistic effect of nisin on faecal enterococci and staphylococci
A. Lauková, I. Štyriak, M. Mareková
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 237-240abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication
Antibody responses in buffalos immunized with Clostridium perfringens beta and epsilon toxoids
S. Rahman M, K. Baek B, T. Hong S, H. Lee J
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 241-243abstractdownload PDF
Quinolones: a class of antimicrobial agents
G. Sárközy
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 257-274abstractdownload PDF
Amantadine: an antiviral and antiparkinsonian agent
J. Staničová, P. Miškovský, V. Šutiak
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 275-277abstractdownload PDF
The 80th birthday of Prof. Jozef Vodrazka, MVD, D.Sc., and 52nd anniversary of the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Kosice, the Slovak Republic
V. Šutiak, I. Šutiaková
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 275-277abstractdownload PDF
Unusual cultural activites of a research institution
L. Pospíšil
Veterinarni Medicina, 46 (2001): 278-279download PDF

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