Veterinarni Medicina, 49 (2004)

No. 6

Venous and arterial ammonia in dairy cows with fatty liver and hepatic failure
P. Mudron, J. Rehage, M. Holtershinken, H. Scholz
Veterinarni Medicina, 49 (2004): 187-190abstractdownload PDF
Digestibility of total and phytate phosphorus in young calves
V. Skrivanova, M. Marounek, R. Dvorak
Veterinarni Medicina, 49 (2004): 191-196abstractdownload PDF
Serum amylase activity disorders in the course of experimental diabetes in rabbits
K. Burski, T. Ueland, R. Maciejewski
Veterinarni Medicina, 49 (2004): 197-200abstractdownload PDF
The effects of diet supplemented with sodium bicarbonate upon blood pH, blood gases and eggshell quality in laying geese
I. Kaya, B. Karademir, O. Ucar
Veterinarni Medicina, 49 (2004): 201-206abstractdownload PDF
Submicroscopic structure of canine articular cartilage
D. Horky, F. Tichy
Veterinarni Medicina, 49 (2004): 207-216abstractdownload PDF
Nematodes from the genus Ascaridia parasitizing psittaciform birds: a review and determination key
V. Kajerova, V. Barus, I. Literak
Veterinarni Medicina, 49 (2004): 217-223abstractdownload PDF

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