Veterinarni Medicina, 49 (2004)

No. 8
Research on paratuberculosis: Analysis of publications 1994–2004
K. Hruska
Veterinarni Medicina, 49 (2004): 271-282abstractdownload PDF
Fractionized milk composition in dairy cows with subclinical mastitis
R. M Bruckmaier, C. E Ontsouka, J. W Blum
Veterinarni Medicina, 49 (2004): 283-290abstractdownload PDF
Assessment of anaerobic threshold in the galloper using a standardised exercise field test
G. Piccione, A. Assenza, F. Fazio, M. Percipalle, G. Caola
Veterinarni Medicina, 49 (2004): 291-297abstractdownload PDF
An attitude of veterinary practitioners towards animal rights in Turkey
A. Ozen, R. Ozturk, A. Yasar, A. Armutak, T. Basagac, A. Ozgur, I. Seker, H. Yerlikaya
Veterinarni Medicina, 49 (2004): 298-304abstractdownload PDF
Investigations on ornithobacterium rhinotracheale in broiler flocks in elazig province located in the east of turkey
G. Ozbey, H. Ongor, D. T Balik, V. Celik, A. Kilic, A. Muz
Veterinarni Medicina, 49 (2004): 305-311abstractdownload PDF
Canine histiocytic syndrome manifested as ulcerative gastroenterocolitis, skin lesions and lymphadenopathy – a case report
V. Revajova, M. Levkut, M. Kozak, J. Bilek, D. Magic, R. Herich
Veterinarni Medicina, 49 (2004): 312-316abstractdownload PDF

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