Veterinarni Medicina, 50 (2005)

No. 10
Effects of long term feeding dairy cows on a diet supplemented with clinoptilolite on certain haematological parameters 
Katsoulos PD, N. Roubies, N. Panousis, E. Christaki, P. Karatzanos, H. Karatzias
Veterinarni Medicina, 50 (2005): 427-431abstractdownload PDF
Normobaric hypoxia induces mild damage to epithelium of terminal bronchioles in rabbits (ultrastructural study) 
J. Uhlik, V. Konradova, L. Vajner, J. Adaskova
Veterinarni Medicina, 50 (2005): 432-438abstractdownload PDF
Typing of isolates of Clostridium perfringensfrom healthy and diseased sheep by multiplex PCR
H. Kalender, Ertas HB, B. Cetinkaya, A. Muz, N. Arslan, A. Kılıc
Veterinarni Medicina, 50 (2005): 439-442abstractdownload PDF
Avian botulism at a sugar beet processing plant inSouth Moravia (CzechRepublic)
Z. Hubalek, V. Skorpikova, D. Horal
Veterinarni Medicina, 50 (2005): 443-445abstractdownload PDF
An outbreak of avian tuberculosis in peafowl (Pavo cristatus) and pheasants (Phasianus colchicus) in a zoological aviary inTurkey 
O. Kul, R. Tunca, R. Haziroglu, Diker KS, S. Karahan
Veterinarni Medicina, 50 (2005): 446-450abstractdownload PDF
Financial impact of foot-and-mouth disease inTurkey: acquisition of required data viaDelphiexpert opinion survey
B. Senturk, C. Yalcin
Veterinarni Medicina, 50 (2005): 451-460abstractdownload PDF

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