Veterinarni Medicina, 50 (2005)

No. 12

Qualitative detection of haptoglobin mRNA in bovine and human blood leukocytes and bovine milk somatic cells
Thielen MA, M. Mielenz, S. Hiss, H. Sauerwein
Veterinarni Medicina, 50 (2005): 515-520abstractdownload PDF
The content of iodine in pork 
I. Herzig, J. Travnicek, J. Kursa, V. Kroupova
Veterinarni Medicina, 50 (2005): 521-525abstractdownload PDF
Random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis of Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale strains isolated from chickens in Turkey
G. Ozbey, Ertas HB, A. Muz
Veterinarni Medicina, 50 (2005): 526-530abstractdownload PDF
Influence of chronic administration of zearalenone on the processes of apoptosis in the porcine ovary
K. Wasowicz, M. Gajecka, J. Calka, E. Jakimiuk, M. Gajecki
Veterinarni Medicina, 50 (2005): 531-536abstractdownload PDF
The occurrence and dynamics of Ligula intestinalis in its cyprinid fish host, tench, Tinca tinca, in MoganLake (Ankara, Turkey)
Ergonul MB, A. Altindag
Veterinarni Medicina, 50 (2005): 537-542abstractdownload PDF
Species level identification of thermotolerant campylobacters 
I. Kolackova, R. Karpiskova
Veterinarni Medicina, 50 (2005): 543-547abstractdownload PDF
The prevalence of Neospora caninum antibodies in bulk milk of dairy herds in the CzechRepublic: a case report
L. Hurkova, D. Halova, D. Modry
Veterinarni Medicina, 50 (2005): 549-552abstractdownload PDF
Malignant fibrous histiocytoma in a dog: a case report
M. M Kiran, M. Karaman, F. Hatipoglu, Y. Koc
Veterinarni Medicina, 50 (2005): 553-557abstractdownload PDF
Surgical therapy of complicated uterine stump pyometra in five bitches: a case report 
B. Musal, B. Tuna
Veterinarni Medicina, 50 (2005): 558-562abstractdownload PDF

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