Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006)

No. 6

Monitoring of the genetic health of cattle in theCzechRepublic
J. Citek, V. Rehout, J. Hajkova, J. Pavkova
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 333-339abstractdownload PDF
The importance of increased levels of oxytocin induced by naloxone to milk removal in dairy cows
V. Tancin, J. Macuhova, D. Schams, Bruckmaier RM
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 340-345abstractdownload PDF
Influence of increased lipid content in diet in the form of treated rapeseed meal on the metabolism and milk yield of dairy cows in the first third of lactation
A. Pechova, R. Dvorak, P. Drastich, V. Lubojacka, L. Pavlata, J. Poul
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 346-355abstractdownload PDF
-Lung hemorrhage in a green iguana (Iguana iguana) with chronic metabolic failure: a case report 
V. Jekl, R. Halouzka, Z. Knotkova, GMDorrestein, Z. Knotek
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 356-363abstractdownload PDF

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