Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007)

No. 11

Screening of Solanum tuberosum cultivars for the “ac2” genetic modification
Pribylova R., Ptacek J., Pavlik I., Bartos M.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007): 471-474abstractdownload PDF
Effect of chronic oxytocin-treatment on the bovine mammary gland immune system
Werner-Misof C., Pfaffl M.W., Meyer H.H.D., Bruckmaier R.M.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007): 475-486abstractdownload PDF
Risk factors associated with subclinical mastitis in dairy cows on Swiss organic and conventional production system farms
Doherr M.G., Roesch M., Schaeren W., Schallibaum M., Blum J.W.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007): 487-495abstractdownload PDF
Prevalence of Campylobacter subtypes in pheasants (Phasianus colchicus spp. torquatus) in the Czech Republic
Nebola M., Borilova G., Steinhauserova I.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007): 496-501abstractdownload PDF
Prevalence of antibodies against Lawsonia intracellularis in dogs with and without gastrointestinal disease
Klimes J., Dezorzova K., Smola J., Husnik R.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007): 502-506abstractdownload PDF
Effect of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on the blood profile in the green iguana (Iguana iguana)
Trnkova S., Knotkova Z., Hrda A., Knotek Z.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007): 507-511abstractdownload PDF
Presumptive viral infections in captive populations of Boa constrictor in the Czech Republic
Knotek Z., Jekl V., Dorrestein G.M., Blahak S., Knotkova Z.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007): 512-520abstractdownload PDF
Gynaecomastia in a tom-cat caused by cyproterone acetate: a case report
Jelinek F., Barton R., Posekana J., Hasonova L.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007): 521-525abstractdownload PDF

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