Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007)

No. 3

Effect of unsaturated C18 fatty acids (oleic, linoleic and α-linolenic acids) on ruminal fermentation and production of fatty acids isomers in artificial rumen
D. Jalc, M. Certik, K. Kundrikova, P. Namestkova
Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007): 87-94abstractdownload PDF
Dose dependent changes in inflammatory parameters in the milk of dairy cows after intramammary infusion of lipopolysaccharide
C. Werner-Misof, J. Macuhova, V. Tancin, R.M. Bruckmaier
Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007): 95-102abstractdownload PDF
Effects of 2-phenoxyethanol anaesthesia on sheatfish (Silurus glanis L.)
J. Velisek, T. Wlasow, P. Gomulka, Z. Svobodova, L. Novotny
Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007): 103-110abstractdownload PDF
Determination of volatile organic compounds in the crude and heat treated amaranth samples
M. Ciganek, B. Pisarikova, Z. Zraly
Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007): 111-120abstractdownload PDF
Influence of the Escherichia coli Nissle 1917 strain on complications of the chronic experimental liver damage
D. Kosakova, P. Scheer, J. Lata, J. Doubek
Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007): 121-129abstractdownload PDF

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