Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007)

No. 6
Bulk tank milk somatic cell count and sources of raw milk contamination with mastitis pathogens
D. Rysanek, V. Babak, M. Zouharova
Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007): 223-230abstractdownload PDF
Dose-dependent immune response in milk cells and mammary tissue after intramammary administration of lipopolysaccharide in dairy cows
C. Werner-Misof, M.W. Pfaffl, R.M. Bruckmaier
Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007): 231-244abstractdownload PDF
Haptoglobin and lactate dehydrogenase measurements in milk for the identification of subclinically diseased udder quarters
S. Hiss, U. Mueller, A. Neu-Zahren, H. Sauerwein
Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007): 245-252abstractdownload PDF
Real-time PCR for quantitation of bovine viral diarrhea virus RNA using SYBR Green I fluorimetry
E. Kosinova, I. Psikal, B. Robesova, K. Kovarcik
Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007): 253-261abstractdownload PDF
Effects of transport distance and the season of the year on death rates among hens and roosters in transport to poultry processing plants in the Czech Republic in the period from 1997 to 2004
E. Voslarova, B. Janackova B, F. Vitula, A. Kozak, V. Vecerek
Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007): 262-266abstractdownload PDF
Nutritional myodegeneration as a cause of dysphagia in adult horses: three case reports
E. Ludvikova, P. Jahn, Z. Lukas
Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007): 267-272abstractdownload PDF

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