Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007)

No. 8

Bovine tuberculosis infection in animal and human populations in Ethiopia: a review
Shitaye J.E., Tsegaye W., Pavlik I.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007): 317-332abstractdownload PDF
Serum stress parameters in pigs transported to slaughter under commercial conditions in different seasons
Averos X., Herranz A., Sanchez R., Comella J.X., Gosalvez L.F.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007): 333-342abstractdownload PDF
A single adulticide dose of albendazole induces cytochromes P4501A in mouflon (Ovis musimon) with dicrocoeliosis
Lamka J., Krizova V., Cvilink V., Savlik M., Velik J., Duchacek L., Szotakova B., Skalova L.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007): 343-352abstractdownload PDF
Cytokine mRNA abundance in intestinal biopsies from dogs with chronic diarrhea
Sauter S.N., Allenspach K., Blum J.W.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 52 (2007): 353-364abstractdownload PDF

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