Veterinarni Medicina, 53 (2008)

No. 10
Morphology of small intestinal mucosa and intestinal weight change with metabolic type of cattle
R. Zitnan, J. Voigt, S. Kuhla, J. Wegner, A. Chudy, U. Schoenhusen, M. Brna, M. Zupcanova, H. Hagemeister
Veterinarni Medicina, 53 (2008): 525-532abstractdownload PDF
Proliferative enteropathy (PPE)-induced changes in the expression of DBH, VAChT and NOS in the neurons of intramural ganglia of the porcine ileum
Z. Pidsudko, K. Wasowicz, J. Kaleczyc, M. Majewski, M. Lakomy
Veterinarni Medicina, 53 (2008): 533-542abstractdownload PDF
Effects of dehydroepiandrosterone on growth performance, lipid metabolic hormones and parameters in broilers
H.T. Ma, X. Tang, C.Y. Tian, S.X. Zou, G.Q. Huang, W.H. Chen
Veterinarni Medicina, 53 (2008): 543-549abstractdownload PDF
Long-term application of clinoptilolite via the feed of layers and its impact on the chemical composition of long bones of pelvic limb (femur and tibiotarsus) and egg cortex
I. Herzig, E. Strakova, P. Suchy
Veterinarni Medicina, 53 (2008): 550-554abstractdownload PDF
The effect of zinc and manganese source in the diet for laying hens on eggshell and bones quality
S. Swiatkiewicz, J. Koreleski
Veterinarni Medicina, 53 (2008): 555-563abstractdownload PDF
Chlorambucil and fludarabine as a new pre-transplant conditioning for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia: results of in vivo experiments
J. Tomenendalova, J. Mayer, M. Doubek, D. Horky, K. Rehakova, J. Doubek
Veterinarni Medicina, 53 (2008): 564-571abstractdownload PDF

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