Veterinarni Medicina, 54 (2009)

No. 2
Mineral accretion in nursing piglets in relation to sow performance and mineral source
G.A. Papadopoulos, D.G.D. Maes, G.P.J. Janssens
Veterinarni Medicina, 54 (2009): 41-46abstractdownload PDF
The effect of kaolin feeding on efficiency, health status and course of diarrhoeal infections caused by enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli strains in weaned piglets
M. Trckova, H. Vondruskova, Z. Zraly, P. Alexa, J. Hamrik, V. Kummer, J. Maskova, V. Mrlik, K. Krizova, I. Slana, L. Leva, I. Pavlik
Veterinarni Medicina, 54 (2009): 47-63abstractdownload PDF
Susceptibility of selected murine and microtine species to infection by a wild strain of Francisella tularensis subsp. holoarctica
H. Bandouchova, J. Sedlackova, M. Hubalek, M. Pohanka, L. Peckova, F. Treml, F. Vitula, J. Pikula
Veterinarni Medicina, 54 (2009): 64-74abstractdownload PDF
Metabolic and endocrine characteristics of pregnancy toxemia in the ferret
A. Prohaczik, M. Kulcsar, Gy. Huszenicza
Veterinarni Medicina, 54 (2009): 75-80abstractdownload PDF
Concurrent infection of Taenia taeniaeformis and Isospora felis in a stray kitten: a case report
L.D. Singla, G.S. Aulakh, R. Sharma, P.D. Juyal, J. Singh
Veterinarni Medicina, 54 (2009): 81-83abstractdownload PDF
Reincident corneal epithelial inclusion cyst in a dog: a case report
E.M. Martin-Suarez, A. Galan, J.M. Molleda
Veterinarni Medicina, 54 (2009): 84-88abstractdownload PDF
Deslorelin treatment of hyperoestrogenism in neutered ferrets (Mustela putorius furo): a case report
A. Prohaczik, M. Kulcsar, Gy. Huszenicza
Veterinarni Medicina, 54 (2009): 89-95abstractdownload PDF

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