Veterinarni Medicina, 54 (2009)

No. 3

Induction of final oocyte maturation in Cyprinidae fish by hypothalamic factors: a review
Podhorec P., Kouril J.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 54 (2009): 97-110abstractdownload PDF
Intermediately virulent Rhodococcus equi isolates from pigs in Slovenia: discovery of new plasmid types and assessment of genetic diversity by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis
Pate M., Ocepek M., Zdovc I., Minato C., Ohtsu Y., Matsuoka M., Honda Y., Hashimoto L., Sasaki Y., Kakuda T., Takai S.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 54 (2009): 111-117abstractdownload PDF
Expression of substance P, vasoactive intestinal peptide and galanin in cultured myenteric neurons from the ovine abomasums
Arciszewski M.B., Barabasz S., Calka J.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 54 (2009): 118-124abstractdownload PDF
Selenium metabolism in goats – maternal transfer of selenium to newborn kids
Misurova L., Pavlata L., Pechova A., Dvorak R.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 54 (2009): 125-130abstractdownload PDF
Effects of acute exposure to bifenthrin on some haematological, biochemical and histopathological parameters of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Velisek J., Svobodova Z., Piackova V.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 54 (2009): 131-137abstractdownload PDF
Vaginal fibroleiomyoma in a cow: a case report
Timurkaan N., Aydin M., Yilmaz F., Cevik A.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 54 (2009): 138-141abstractdownload PDF
Combined iridencleisis and posterior sclerectomy in surgical treatment of glaucoma secondary to uveitis in a dog: a case report
Lew M., Lew S.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 54 (2009): 142-148abstractdownload PDF

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