Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010)

No. 11
 Heparin and its derivatives in the treatment of arterial thrombosis: a review 
M. Dvorak, M. Vlasin, M. Dvorakova, P. Rauser, L. Lexmaulova, Z. Gregor, R. Staffa
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 523-546abstractdownload PDF
A histological evaluation of bone calluses in the treatment of tibia fractures in sheep with the use of a semicircular fixator 
Z. Adamiak, T. Rotkiewicz
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 547-550abstractdownload PDF
Effects of bromelain on cellular characteristics and expression of selected genes in canine in vitro chondrocyte culture
P. Siengdee, K. Nganvongpanit, P. Pothacharoen, S. Chomdej, S. Mekchay, S. Ong-Chai
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 551-560abstractdownload PDF
Guttural pouch mycosis in a donkey (Equus asinus): a case report
F. Laus, E. Paggi, M. Cerquetella, D. Spaziante, A. Spaterna, B. Tesei
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 561-565abstractdownload PDF
Repair of cleft palate in a calf using polypropylene mesh and palatal mucosal flap: a case report 
O. Smolec, D. Vnuk, J. Kos, N. Brkljaca Bottegaro, B. Pirkic
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 566-570abstractdownload PDF

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