Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011)

No. 2
 The effect of silymarin on expression of selected ABC transporters in the rat
R. Vecera, A. Zacharova, J. Orolin, N. Skottova, P. Anzenbacher
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 59-62abstractdownload PDF
Impact of long-term supplementation of zinc and selenium on their content in blood and hair in goats
L. Pavlata, M. Chomat, A. Pechova, L. Misurova, R. Dvorak
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 63-74abstractdownload PDF
The effect of inorganic and organically bound forms of selenium on glutathione peroxidase activity in the blood of goats
L. Pavlata, L. Misurova, A. Pechova, R. Dvorak
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 75-81abstractdownload PDF
 Association of Trypanosoma theileri with peritonitis in a pregnant cross-bred cow: a case report
NK Sood, LD Singla, RS Singh, SK Uppal
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 82-84abstractdownload PDF
 Cardiac manifestations of borreliosis in a dog: a case report
CF Agudelo, P. Schanilec, K. Kybicova, P. Kohout
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 85-92abstractdownload PDF
 Hepatopancreatic ganglioneuroma in a young dog: a case report
R. Zafra, MJ Bautista, J. Perez, PJ Ginel, R. Lucena
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 93-96abstractdownload PDF
Surgical removal of a ventricular foreign body from a common myna (Acridotheres tristis): a case report
F. Hayati, A. Lakzian, E. Shariati, J. Bakhtiari, N. Sayyah, M. Masoodifard, T. Vakili
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 97-100abstractdownload PDF

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