Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011)

No. 5

Foetal and neonatal energy metabolism in pigs and humans: a review
Mota-Rojas D, Orozco-Gregorio H, Villanueva-Garcia D, Bonilla-Jaime H, Suarez-Bonilla X, Hernandez-Gonzalez R, Roldan-Santiago P, Trujillo-Ortega ME:
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 215-225abstractdownload PDF
Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in powdered infant milk: F57 competitive real time PCR
Hruska K, Slana I, Kralik P, Pavlik I:
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 226-230abstractdownload PDF
A study of serum insulin-like growth factor type 1 (IGF-1) concentrations in resting untrained Andalusian horses: influence of age and gender
Munoz A, Trigo P, Riber C, Malonda V, Castejon F:
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 231-242abstractdownload PDF
Progressive rod-cone degeneration (PRCD) in selected dog breeds and variability in its phenotypic expression
Dostal J, Hrdlicova A, Horak P:
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 243-247abstractdownload PDF
The effect of swim-up purification and incubation of cells on sperm viability in dogs of different ages
Bukowska D, Kempisty B, Sikora J, Jackowska M, Wozna M, Antosik P, Piotrowska H, Budna J, Jaskowski JM:
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 248-254abstractdownload PDF
 Computed tomographic findings in a calf with actinomycosis: a case report
Mohamed T, Al-Sobayil F, Kurwasawa T, Nakade T, Floeck M:
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 255-259abstractdownload PDF
 A case of systemic mycosis in a Hovawart dog due to Candida albicans
Skoric M, Fictum P, Slana I, Kriz P, Pavlik I:
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 260-264abstractdownload PDF

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