Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011)

No. 7

Antibacterial potential of lactobacilli isolated from a lamb
Bilkova A, Kinova Sepova H, Bukovsky M, Bezakova L:
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 319-324abstractdownload PDF
Characterisation of basal expression of selected cytokines in the liver, spleen, and respiratory, reproductive and intestinal tract of hens
Kolesarova M, Spisakova V, Matulova M, Crhanova M, Sisak F, Rychlik I:
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 325-332abstractdownload PDF
The presence of Mycobacterium avium subsp. avium in common pheasants (Phasianus colchicus) living in captivity and in other birds, vertebrates, non-vertebrates and the environment
Moravkova M, Lamka J, Kriz P, Pavlik I:
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 333-343abstractdownload PDF
Effect of the herbal preparation Nozevit on the mid-gut structure of honeybees (Apis mellifera) infected with Nosema sp. spores
Tlak Gajger I, Kozaric Z, Berta D, Nejedli S, Petrinec Z:
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 344-351abstractdownload PDF
Virulence factors and antibiotic resistance in enterococci isolated from food-stuffs
Trivedi K, Cupakova S, Karpiskova R:
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 352-357abstractdownload PDF
Association between over-chlorinated drinking water and suckling, nursery and fattening pig death losses
Tofant A, Ostovic M, Wolf S, Ekert Kabalin A, Pavicic Z, Mikulic M:
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 358-361abstractdownload PDF
Endoscopic assisted electro-cauterization to treat an acquired pharyngeal ostium stenosis in a horse: a case report
Pietra M, Romagnoli N, Valentini S, Spinella G, Spadari A:
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 362-366abstractdownload PDF

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