Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011)

No. 8

Selected molecular and microfluidic aspects of mammalian oocyte maturation-perspectives: a review
Kempisty B, Bukowska D, Piotrowska H, Zawierucha P, Sniadek P, Walczak R, Dziuban J,
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 367-378abstractdownload PDF
Prevalence of brucellosis in ruminants in Bangladesh
Rahman MS, Faruk MO, Her M, Kim JY, Kang SI, Jung SC:
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 379-385abstractdownload PDF
Isolation and molecular characterization of Listeria spp. from animals, food and environmental samples
Atil E, Ertas HB, Ozbey G:
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 386-394abstractdownload PDF
Seroprevalence of avian metapneumovirus infection in broiler and broiler breeder chickens in Iran
Rahimi M:
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 395-399abstractdownload PDF
A macroanatomic study on the facial vein and its branches in the Van cat
Ari HH, Soyguder Z, Cinaroglu S, Sefergil S:
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 400-404abstractdownload PDF
The spinal nerves that constitute the brachial plexus in the red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris)
Aydin A:
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 405-408abstractdownload PDF
Molecular characterization of a porcine sapovirus strain isolated from a piglet with diarrhoea: a case report
Dufkova L, Kulich P, Prodelalova J:
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 409-415abstractdownload PDF
Left cranial lung torsion in a Bernese Mountain dog: a case report
Tamburro R, Pietra M, Militerno G, Diana A, Spadari A, Valentini S:
Veterinarni Medicina, 56 (2011): 416-422abstractdownload PDF

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