Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012)

No. 1

 Sulfonamides in the environment: a review and a case report
Hruska K, Franek M:
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 1-35abstractdownload PDF
 Growth of the dominant follicle and endometrial folding after administration of hCG in mares during oestrus
Dolezel R, Ruzickova K, Maceckova G:
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 36-41abstractdownload PDF
Basic values of M-mode echocardiographic parameters of the left ventricle in outbreed Wistar rats
Scheer P., Sverakova V., Doubek J., Janeckova K., Uhrikova I., Svoboda P.:
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 42-52abstractdownload PDF
 Evaluation of the wound healing activity of an ethanolic extract of Ceylon cinnamon in mice
Farahpour MR, Habibi M:
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 53-57abstractdownload PDF

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