Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012)

No. 11
Factors affecting temporary cavity generation during gunshot wound formation in animals – new aspects in the light of flow mechanics: a review
MZ Felsmann, J. Szarek, M. Felsmann, I. Babinska
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 569-574abstractdownload PDF
Susceptibility of Mycoplasma bovis field isolates to antimicrobial agents
J. Siugzdaite, A. Gabinaitiene, S. Kerziene
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 575-582abstractdownload PDF
Dynamics of milk leukocytes in response to intramammary infusion of amoxicillin plus sulbactam during bovine subclinical mastitis
UK De, R. Mukherjee
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 583-590abstractdownload PDF
Metabolic responses in endurance horses during racing in relation to uric acid profile, leucocytes, heart rate and plasma biochemical parameters
L. Adamu, MA Noraniza, A. Rasedee, A. Bashir
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 591-596abstractdownload PDF
Mechanical testing of orthopaedic suture material and a crimp clamp system for the extracapsular stabilisation of canine cruciate-deficient stifles
V. Ledecky, D. Knazovicky, M. Badida, L. Dulebova, M. Hluchy, S. Hornak
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 597-602abstractdownload PDF
The effect of sertindole on behavioural sensitisation to methamphetamine in mice
L. Landa, K. Slais, A. Sulcova
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 603-609abstractdownload PDF
Adipose stem cell combined with plasma-based implant bone tissue differentiation in vitro and in a horse with a phalanx digitalis distalis fracture: a case report
K. Marycz, J. Grzesiak, K. Wrzeszcz, P. Golonka
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 610-617abstractdownload PDF
Hypertrophic osteopathy associated with a bronchial foreign body (grass awn) in a dog: a case report
A. Palumbo Piccionello, F. Dini, AM Tambella, M. Cerquetella, C. Vullo
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 618-621abstractdownload PDF

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