Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012)

No. 4

The invasive and new non-invasive methods of mammalian oocyte and embryo quality assessment: a review
Bukowska D, Kempisty B, Piotrowska H, Walczak R, Sniadek P, Dziuban J, Brussow KP,
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 169-176abstractdownload PDF
 Biologically active substances from water invertebrates: a review
Sinko J, Rajchard J, Balounova Z, Fikotova L:
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 177-184abstractdownload PDF
 Pain in domestic animals and how to assess it: a review
Landa L:
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 185-192abstractdownload PDF
 Molecular detection of antimicrobial resistance genes in E. coli isolated from slaughtered commercial chickens in Iran
Momtaz H, Rahimi E, Moshkelani S:
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 193-197abstractdownload PDF
 Pathological and immunohistochemical studies on rare cases of primary extragenital transmissible venereal tumours in the mammary gland
Gupta K, Sood NK:
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 198-206abstractdownload PDF
 Total antioxidant  capacity in dogs with gastric dilatation and volvulus
Uhrikova I, Rehakova K, Rauserova-Lexmaulova L, Lojek A, Doubek J:
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 207-211abstractdownload PDF
 Mycobacteria in peat used as a supplement for pigs: failure of different decontamination methods to eliminate the risk
L. Matlova, M. Kaevska, M. Moravkova, V. Beran, J.E. Shitaye, I. Pavlik:
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 212-217abstractdownload PDF

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