Veterinarni Medicina, 58 (2013)

No. 10
The role of TGF superfamily gene expression in the regulation of folliculogenesis and oogenesis in mammals: a review
H. Piotrowska, B. Kempisty, P. Sosinska, S. Ciesiolka, D. Bukowska, P. Antosik, M. Rybska, KP Brussow, M. Nowicki, M. Zabel
Veterinarni Medicina, 58 (2013): 505-515abstractdownload PDF
A review on Schmallenberg virus infection: a newly emerging disease of cattle, sheep and goats
RVS Pawaiya, VK Gupta
Veterinarni Medicina, 58 (2013): 516-526abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
A new device for the aspiration of follicular fluid for acid-base balance analysis in cattle
S. Cech, R. Dolezel, K. Holickova, E. Indrova, T. Kochova, M. Lopatarova, J. Mala, A. Pechova, M. Zavadilova, L. Zilka
Veterinarni Medicina, 58 (2013): 527-534abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Comparison of techniques for DNA extraction and agarose gel staining of DNA fragments using samples of Cryptosporidium
MCM Couto, AP Sudre, MF Lima, TCB Bomfim
Veterinarni Medicina, 58 (2013): 535-542abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Thickness of the substantia compacta of porcine long bones
M. Pyszko, V. Paral, M. Kyllar
Veterinarni Medicina, 58 (2013): 543-552abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Secondary poisoning of non-target animals in an Ornithological Zoo in Galicia (NW Spain) with anticoagulant rodenticides: a case report
D. Hernandez-Moreno, I. de la Casa-Resino, A. Lopez-Beceiro, LE Fidalgo, F. Soler, M. Perez-Lopez
Veterinarni Medicina, 58 (2013): 553-559abstractdownload PDF

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