Veterinarni Medicina, 58 (2013)

No. 12
Index of volume 58
Veterinarni Medicina, 58 (2013): I-XIVdownload PDF
Original Paper
Co-infection of bovine papillomavirus type-1 and -10 in teat warts of dairy cattle
P. Kumar, BL Jangir, G. Saikumar, R. Somvanshi
Veterinarni Medicina, 58 (2013): 605-608abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Serologic detection of antibodies against Fasciola hepatica in native Korean goats (Capra hircus coreanae
EB Gebeyehu, BY Jung, J-W Byun, JK Oem, H-Y Kim, S-J Lee, S-C Park, D. Kwak
Veterinarni Medicina, 58 (2013): 609-612abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Echocardiographic assessment of right heart indices in dogs with elevated pulmonary artery pressure associated with chronic respiratory disorders, heartworm disease, and chronic degenerative mitral valvular disease
HP Tai TC Huang
Veterinarni Medicina, 58 (2013): 613-620abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Diagnostic approach to malignant fibrous histiocytomas of soft tissue in dogs: a case report
JS Ko, HJ Kim, YM Choi, JW Kim, C. Park, SH DO
Veterinarni Medicina, 58 (2013): 621-627abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Vaginal fold prolapse and transmissible venereal tumour related to ovarian remnant syndrome in a bitch: a case report
O. Turna Yilmaz, M. Ucmak, Z. Gunay, I. Kirsan
Veterinarni Medicina, 58 (2013): 628-632abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Dermatophytosis caused by a Chrysosporium species in two cats in Turkey: a case report
B. Dokuzeylul, B. Basaran Kahraman, BD Sigirci, E. Gulluoglu, K. Metiner, ME Or
Veterinarni Medicina, 58 (2013): 633-646abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Combination treatment of a pseudomonad abscess in a western black-tailed rattlesnake Crotalus molossus molossus
M. Lukac, K. Matanovic, L. Barbic, B. Seol
Veterinarni Medicina, 58 (2013): 637-640abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Meibomian adenoma in a Syrian hamster (Mesocricetus auratus
A. Demirutku, Y. Devecioglu, E. Eravci, I. Firat, F. Yildirim
Veterinarni Medicina, 58 (2013): 641-644abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Surgical management of ileocecocolic intussusception in a Korean native calf: a case report
DB Lee, SM Shin, KC Lee, HB Lee, MS Kim, NS Kim
Veterinarni Medicina, 58 (2013): 645-649abstractdownload PDF

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