Veterinarni Medicina, 59 (2014)

No. 1
The foraging behaviour of honey bees, Apis mellifera: a review
HF Abou-Shaara
Veterinarni Medicina, 59 (2014): 1-10abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Determination of haematological and biochemical parameters of Przewalski horses (Equus przewalski) kept by the Prague Zoo
J. Tomenendalova, R. Vodicka, I. Uhrikova, J. Doubek
Veterinarni Medicina, 59 (2014): 11-21abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of Neospora caninum on reproductive performance and the efficacy of treatment with a combination of sulphadiazine-trimethoprim and toltrazuril: a longitudinal field study
HE Canatan, IM Polat, R. Bayramoglu, S. Kuplulu, MR Vural, E. Aktug
Veterinarni Medicina, 59 (2014): 22-28abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Transcutaneous ultrasonographic examination of the left kidney in healthy cows
S. Imran, S. Sharma
Veterinarni Medicina, 59 (2014): 29-32abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Correlation between cytokine profile,antibody titre and viral load during sub-clinical chicken anaemia virus infection
MY Wani, K. Dhama, K. Latheef Shyma, SD Singh, R. Tiwari
Veterinarni Medicina, 59 (2014): 33-43abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Bilateral low grade serous adenocarcinoma of the ovaries in a badger (Meles meles L.) and its association with a borderline serous ovarian tumour: a case report
K. Kutlvasr, K. Bukovjan, R. Kodet
Veterinarni Medicina, 59 (2014): 44-50abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Hermaphroditism in two dogs – pathological and cytogenetic studies: a case report
A. Gurel, F. Yildirim, G. Sennazli, K. Ozer, M. Karabagli, A. Deviren, A. Cirakoglu
Veterinarni Medicina, 59 (2014): 51-54abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Splenic malignant mesenchymoma in a dog – immunophenotypic features and clinicopathological ramifications: a case report
Z. Dokic, W. Pirog, J. Benak, D. Lorinson
Veterinarni Medicina, 59 (2014): 55-61abstractdownload PDF

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