Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015)

No. 2

Original Paper
Antinociceptive mechanisms of Bunium persicum essential oil in the mouse writhing test: role of opioidergic and histaminergic systems
Zendehdel M, Torabi Z, Hassanpour S
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 63-70abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The association between the somatic cell count and isolated microorganisms during subclinical mastitis in heifers in Jordan
Alekish MO
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 71-76abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of Bacillus subtilis, Clostridium butyricum and Lactobacillus acidophilus endospores on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, meat quality, relative organ weight, microbial shedding and excreta noxious gas emission in broilers
Hossain MM, Begum M, Kim IH
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 77-86abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Determination of the proper time for mating after oestrous synchronisation during anoestrous or oestrous by measuring electrical resistance of cervical mucus in ewes
Theodosiadou E, Tsiligianni T
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 87-93abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Influence of atracurium on selected cardiovascular and respiratory variables and surgical times in dogs undergoing laparoscopic ovariectomy with standardized ventilation pattern
Rauser P, Crha M, Sivkova A, Zapletalova J, Korytarova N
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 94-100abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Avian mycobacteriosis in an individual of the endangered Mauritian Pink pigeon (Nesoenas mayeri) species: a case report
Kriz P, Makovcova J, Skoric M, Huml O, Pokorny J
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 101-104abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Biphasic pericardial and pleural mesothelioma in a cat: a case report
Gabriel Filho SJ, Magalhaes GM, Conforti VA, Santilli J, Calazans SG
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 105-108abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Computed tomography-guided cementoplasty combined with radiation therapy for an aneurysmal bone cyst in a dog: a case report
Vignoli M, Stehlik L, Terragni R, Cavallo L, Proks P
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 109-114abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Cutaneous extrarenal rhabdoid tumor in a dog: a case report
Kim HJ, Choi EJ, Lee HR, Kwon BT, Do SH
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 115-119abstractdownload PDF

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