Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015)

No. 7

Collie eye anomaly: a review
Palanova A
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 345-350abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Prophylaxis of post-weaning diarrhoea in piglets by zinc oxide and sodium humate
Trckova M, Lorencova A, Hazova K, Sramkova Zajacova Z
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 351-360abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript immunoreactive nerve fibres in the mucosal layer of the canine gastrointestinal tract under physiological conditions and in inflammatory bowel disease
Rychlik A, Gonkowski S, Nowicki M, Calka J
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 361-367abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Analyses of anaesthesia with ketamine combined with different sedatives in rats
Molina AM, Moyano MR, Serrano-Rodriguez JM, Ayala N, Lora AJ, Serrano-Caballero JM
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 368-375abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
A cartilaginous choristoma in a pig liver: a case report
Vuckovic NM, Vuckovic DC, Urosevic MI, Cabarkapa VS
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 376-378abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Equine ocular squamous cell carcinoma: a case report
Drazek M, Lew M, Lew S, Szarek J, Balicki I, Della Salda L
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 379-386abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Magnetic resonance imaging: findings of osteochondrosis like-lesions in glenoid fossa and proximal humeral metaphyses in a dog: a case report
Orellana-Jaimes N, Ginja MM, San Roman-Llorens F, Garcia-Gomez M, Orden MA, Altonaga JR, Gonzalo-Orden JM
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 387-390abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Canine mammary anaplastic carcinoma with concurrent aorto-iliac thrombosis in a dog: a case report
Kim JH, Kim WJ, Park J, Shin JI, Yoon HY
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 391-398abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
A car accident involving a restrained dog within the vehicle: a case report
Zeleny M, Grusova K
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 399-402abstractdownload PDF

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