Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015)

No. 8

Original Paper
Intraperitoneal lidocaine hydrochloride for prevention of intraperitoneal adhesions following laparoscopic genitourinary tract surgery in ewes
Mariano RSG, Uscategui RAR, Nociti RP, Santos VJC, Padilha-Nakaghi LC, Barros FFPC, Silva MAM, Malta CAS, Bonato DV, Vicente WRR, Teixeira PPM
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 403-406abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The influence of sex, age and season on the haematological profile of alpacas (Vicugna pacos) in Central Europe
Husakova T, Pavlata L, Pechova A, Tichy L, Hauptmanova K
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 407-414abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Associations between claw lesions and reproductive performance of sows in three Greek herds
Lisgara Μ, Skampardonis V, Angelidou E, Kouroupides S, Leontides L
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 415-422abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of a cypermethrin-based pesticide on early life stages of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)
Richterova Z, Machova J, Stara A, Tumova J, Velisek J, Sevcikova M, Svobodova Z
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 423-431abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Characteristics and risk factors of dog aggression in the Slovak Republic
Matos RE, Jakuba T, Mino I, Fejsakova M, Demeova A, Kottferova J
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 432-445abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Pulmonary oedema in a hunting dog: a case report
Agudelo CF, Schanilec P
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 446-449abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Effects of the dexmedetomidine, midazolam, butorphanol, and atropine combination on plasma oxidative status and cardiorespiratory parameters in raccoon dogs (Nyctereutes procyonoides)
Feng XJ, Hu XY, Zhang S, Li JN, Fan HG
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 450-455abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
The lameness in a cryptorchid dog with intra-abdominal torsion of one of the two neoplastic testicles: a case report
Bufalari A, Proni A, Moretti G, Di Meo A, Pirico S
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 456-459abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Necrotising fasciitis, a potential threat following conservative treatment of a leucopenic cat: a case report
Plavec T, Zdovc I, Juntes P, Svara T, Ambrozic-Avgustin I, Suhadolc-Scholten S
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 460-467abstractdownload PDF

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