Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016)

No. 6

Feline obesity – prevalence, risk factors, pathogenesis, associated conditions and assessment: a review

D. Tarkosova, M.M. Story, J.S. Rand, M. Svoboda
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 295-307abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Potential anthelmintic effect of Capparis spinosa (Capparidaceae) as related to its polyphenolic content and antioxidant activity

H. Akkari, F. B'chir, S. Hajaji, M. Rekik, E. Sebai, H. Hamza, M.A. Darghouth, M. Gharbi
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 308-316abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
In-feed supplementation of clinoptilolite favourably modulates intestinal and systemic immunity and some production parameters in weaned pigs
H. Valpotic, S. Terzic, S. Vince, M. Samardzija, R. Turk, G. Lackovic, B. Habrun, D. Djuricic, M. Sadikovic, I. Valpotic
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 317-327abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of sodium humate and zinc oxide used in prophylaxis of post-weaning diarrhoea on faecal microbiota composition in weaned piglets
M. Kaevska, A. Lorencova, P. Videnska, K. Sedlar, I. Provaznik, M. Trckova
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 328-336abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Origin and distribution of the brachial plexus in the Spix’s yellow-toothed cavy (Galea spixii Wagler, 1831) (Rodentia, Caviidae)

H.N. Araujo Jr, G.B. Oliveira, A.V.N. Silva, R.E.M. Oliveira, F.V. Camara, C.M. Oliveira Jr, F.V.F. Bezerra, M.F. Oliveira
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 337-343abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Evaluation of early renal disease in bitches with pyometra based on renal doppler measurements
L. Koenhemsi, S. Toydemir, M. Ucmak, R. Gonul, M.E. Or
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 344-347abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Repair of flail chest using interfragmentary wiring and stability augmentation with basket-weave fashion sutures in a toy breed dog: a case report
S. Ahn, S. Jeong, H. Yoon
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 348-352abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
A challenging radiographic diagnosis – extraluminal leiomyoma of the oesophagus in a small-sized dog: a case report
H. Oh, K. Kim, Y. Choi, E. Jung, Y. Jung, J. Jung, M. Kim, N. Kim, Y. Cho, K. Lee
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 353-356abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
A rare radiographic appearance of a calcified uterus in a queen with pyometra: a case report
F. Hayati, M.S. Ahrari-Khafi, M. Hassankhani, M. Mansourian, S. Asghari
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 357-360abstractdownload PDF

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