Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016)

No. 9
Serum proteins and their diagnostic utility in veterinary medicine: a review
C. Tothova, O. Nagy, G. Kovac
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 475-496abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Corpus luteal angiogenesis in a high milk production dairy breed differs from that of cattle with lower milk production levels
S. Kaessmeyer, H. Huenigen, S. Al Masri, P. Dieckhoefer, K. Richardson, J. Plendl
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 497-503abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Co-infection with bovine viral diarrhoea virus and Anaplasma marginale in a dairy cattle herd may lead to acute bovine anaplasmosis
A. Szabara, J. Majer, L. Ozsvari, C. Jakab, W. Baumgartner
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 504-515abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The occurrence of pathogens in Rhipicephalus microplus ticks from cattle in Madagascar
A. Matysiak, P. Dudko, K. Dudek, M. Dudek, A. Junkuszew, P. Tryjanowski
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 516-523abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Shape memory compression anastomosis clips in gastrointestinal surgery in dogs
P. Holak, Z. Lekston
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 524-527abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effects of acetylsalicylic acid on coagulation tests and haptoglobin concentrations in rabbits with permanent transvenous pacing

I. Uhrikova, P. Scheer, J. Hlozkova, P. Suchy Jr, M. Sepsi
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 528-532abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Cutaneous leiomyosarcoma with osteoid metaplasia in a budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus): a case report
N. Timurkaan, H. Eroksuz, A. Cevik, B. Karabulut
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 533-537abstractdownload PDF

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