Veterinarni Medicina, 62 (2017)

No. 4


Comparative use of dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) in different animal species

Madruga GM, Crivellenti LZ, Borin-Crivellenti S, Cintra CA, Gomes LG, Spiller PR
Veterinarni Medicina, 62 (2017): 179-185abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Factors influencing reproductive efficiency and pregnancy in Pura Raza Española mares
Akourki A, Echegaray A, Falceto MV, Mitjana O
Veterinarni Medicina, 62 (2017): 186-191abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Fitness improvement of show jumping horses with deep water treadmill training
Vincze A, Szabo C, Veres S, Uto D, Hevesi AT
Veterinarni Medicina, 62 (2017): 192-199abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Distribution of antiseptic resistance genes in Staphylococcus spp. from bovine mastitis
Ergun Y, Cantekin Z, Gurturk K, Solmaz H, Ekin IH, Ozturk D
Veterinarni Medicina, 62 (2017): 200-203abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Determination of sex-related differences based on 3D reconstruction of the chinchilla (Chinchilla lanigera) vertebral column from MDCT scans
Ozkadif S, Eken E, Dayan MO, Besoluk K
Veterinarni Medicina, 62 (2017): 204-210abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Multiplex real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction for differential detection of H5, N1, and N8 genes of highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses
Park YR, Kim EM, Lee YJ, Yeo SG, Park CK
Veterinarni Medicina, 62 (2017): 211-220abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The Cys83Gly amino acid substitution in feather keratin is associated with pigeon performance in long-distance races
Proskura WS, Lukaszewicz A, Dzierzba E, Cichon D, Zaborski D, Grzesiak W, Dybus A
Veterinarni Medicina, 62 (2017): 221-225abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Bifid phallus with complete duplication and a separate scrotum in a German shepherd dog: a case report
Karabagli M, Karan B, Ugurlu U, Mutlu Z, Yildirim F, Firat I, Baran A, Ucur A, Bayrak A, Ozturk S
Veterinarni Medicina, 62 (2017): 226-230abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Fish death caused by gas bubble disease: a case report

Machova J, Faina R, Randak T, Valentova O, Steinbach C, Kocour Kroupova H, Svobodova Z
Veterinarni Medicina, 62 (2017): 231-237abstractdownload PDF

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