Veterinarni Medicina, 63 (2018)

No. 2
Original Paper

Gram-negative aerobic and microaerophilic microorganisms isolated from pathological processes and lesions of horses

J. Bzdil, O. Holy, J. Toporcak
Veterinarni Medicina, 63 (2018): 55-62abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Proposal for a new classification of the renal artery in the bovine kidney

J. Szymanski, L. Olewnik, G. Wysiadecki, A. Przygocka, M. Polguj, M. Topol
Veterinarni Medicina, 63 (2018): 63-72abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Unusual cases of Taenia crassiceps cysticercosis in naturally infected animals in the Czech Republic

L. Hofmannova, L. Mikes, L. Jedlickova, J. Pokorny, V. Svobodova
Veterinarni Medicina, 63 (2018): 73-80abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Restrainer exposure to scatter radiation in practical small animal radiography measured using thermoluminescent dosimeters

H. Oh, S. Sung, S. Lim, Y. Jung, Y. Cho, K. Lee
Veterinarni Medicina, 63 (2018): 81-86abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Efficacy of two methods of intranasal administration of anaesthetic drugs in red-eared terrapins (Trachemys scripta elegans)

E. Cermakova, V. Ceplecha, Z. Knotek
Veterinarni Medicina, 63 (2018): 87-93abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Imaging features of bilateral primary megaureter in a senior dog: a case report

H. Yoon, J. Kim, Y.M. Ha, K. Eom
Veterinarni Medicina, 63 (2018): 94-100abstractdownload PDF

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