Veterinarni Medicina, 63 (2018)

No. 9

Indirect markers of glomerular filtration rate in dogs and cats: a review

S. Kovarikova
Veterinarni Medicina, 63 (2018): 395-412abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Influence of medetomidine, acepromazine, fentanyl and butorphanol on intraocular pressure and pupil size in healthy dogs

M. Mrazova, P. Rauser, J. Burova, M. Georgiou, T. Fichtel
Veterinarni Medicina, 63 (2018): 413-419abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Selected blood biochemical indicators of Cherry Valley ducks undergoing fattening in relation to their diet and sex

M. Jerabek, P. Suchy, E. Strakova, L. Kudelkova, V. Simek, P. Jakesova, M. Machacek, D. Zapletal
Veterinarni Medicina, 63 (2018): 420-432abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia in an African lion (Panthera leo)

R. Meoli, C. Eleni, P. Cavicchio, M.C. Tonnicchia, B. Biancani, L. Galosi, G. Rossi
Veterinarni Medicina, 63 (2018): 433-437abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Removal of a tracheal foreign body by intercostal thoracotomy in a cat

S. Cagatay, A.P. Gokce, G. Yesilovali
Veterinarni Medicina, 63 (2018): 438-442abstractdownload PDF

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