Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020)

No. 10
Original Paper

Characteristics of bacteriophages of the Staphylococcus aureus variant bovis

Y Horiukorcid , M Kukhtyn, V Horiuk, S Kernychnyi, L Tarasenko
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 421-426abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Suckling piglet coccidiosis on farms in the Czech Republic – A pilot study

D Sperling, H Karembe, J Vanhara, B Hinney, A Joachim
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 427-434abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Analysis of a highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N1) virus causing the first outbreak in domestic poultry in Bulgaria in January 2015

G Stoimenovorcid , G Goujgoulova, K Hristov
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 435-444abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Biochemical profile of urine in guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus)

H Cernochova, A Hundakova, E Bardi, Z Knotek
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 445-450abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Septate gallbladder in a dog with cholecystitis: A case report and literature review

GC Choi, JY Ko, SM Ong, JH Sur, MH Kang
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 451-456abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Imaging findings of renal telangiectasia in a Maltese dog

D Noh, SW Lee, D Jung, JK Park, K Leeorcid
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 457-463abstractdownload PDF

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