Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020)

No. 7
Original Paper

Effects of mesquite (Prosopis laevigata) pods as a potential feed material for kids

L Pena-Avelino, I Ceballos-Olvera, J Alva-Perez, J Vicente, J Pinos-Rodriguez
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 289-296abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Cisternal versus lumbar cerebrospinal fluid lactate concentration in healthy dogs

A Galan, A Seisdedos-Benzalorcid , BE Carletti, S Quiros, EM Martin, D Menor, MM Granados
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 297-300abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Immunohistochemical mapping of thymic microenvironment in sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus)

E Salkovaorcid , M Flajshans, C Steinbach
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 301-308abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Metacarpophalangeal joint luxation with joint capsule rupture and bone exposure in a horse

LPB Borges, GMA Santos, RA Oliveira, LO Silva, LA de Souza, HH Perdigao, MM Guimaraes, JAS Silveira, MD Duarte, PPM Teixeira
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 309-313abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Spontaneous rupture of the lymph nodes as a cause of haemoabdomen in two canine lymphoma patients

T Plavecorcid , T Svara, N Tozon, D Pavlin
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 314-319abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Tetralogy of Fallot with right ventricular outflow tract obstruction and patent ductus arteriosus in a dog

S Park, MJC Ang, MD Kittleson, KO Cho, J Choi
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 320-326abstractdownload PDF

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