Veterinarni Medicina, 66 (2021)

No. 10
Original Paper

Induction of atopic dermatitis by epicutaneous sensitisation with Dermatophagoides farinae in nongenetically predisposed Beagle dogs

Y Jeong, T Yun, H Kim, Y Koo, JH Kang, MP Yang, BT Kang
Veterinarni Medicina, 66 (2021): 413-422abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

A comprehensive study of canine parvoviruses (Carnivore protoparvovirus 1, Carnivore bocaparvovirus 1 and 2) from shelter dogs in Turkey

H Isidanorcid , T Turan
Veterinarni Medicina, 66 (2021): 423-430abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Characterisation of Clostridium perfringens isolated from chickens in Vietnam

TN Thi, H Vu-Khacorcid , TN Duc
Veterinarni Medicina, 66 (2021): 431-439abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Estimation of the external quality characteristics of goose eggs of known breadth and length

O Karabulut
Veterinarni Medicina, 66 (2021): 440-447abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Use of micro-grafts in a chronic infected open wound after limb amputation in a cat

L Pennasilico, C Di Bella, R Botto, E Murgia, V Riccio, AP Piccionello
Veterinarni Medicina, 66 (2021): 448-455abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Congenital hydrocephalus in a Maine Coon foetus detected using ultrasound during pregnancy

PA Sochaorcid , BM Socha
Veterinarni Medicina, 66 (2021): 456-460abstractdownload PDF

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