Veterinarni Medicina, 66 (2021)

No. 5
Original Paper

Evaluation of the glutathione concentration in whole blood of dairy Holstein cows

A Necasova, A Pechova, R Bodor, M Masar
Veterinarni Medicina, 66 (2021): 179-188abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Changes of sperm morphology in Duroc, Landrace and Large White boars depending on the ambient temperature during the year

V Kamanova, P Nevrkla, Z Hadas, J Lujka, R Filipcik
Veterinarni Medicina, 66 (2021): 189-196abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Antiviral potential and stability analysis of chicken interferon-α produced by Newcastle disease virus in chicken embryo fibroblast cells

FR Anjum, SU Rahman, MA Aslam, AS Qureshi
Veterinarni Medicina, 66 (2021): 197-207abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Residues of selected sulfonamides, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics-antipyretics in surface water of the Elbe river basin (Czech Republic)

M Skocovska, M Ferencik, M Svoboda, Z Svobodova
Veterinarni Medicina, 66 (2021): 208-218abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Closed spinal dysraphism in a 6-month-old mixed breed dog

GG Franco, EGM Siqueira, JAL Souza, LOC Prado, SC Rahal, MJ Mamprim, BW Minto, CVS Brandao, JS Costa Jrorcid
Veterinarni Medicina, 66 (2021): 219-224abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Aggressive behaviour of Hodgkin’s-like lymphoma in a domestic ferret

HS Kim, HJ Kim, HJ Hwang, S Oh, SH Do
Veterinarni Medicina, 66 (2021): 225-232abstractdownload PDF

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