Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006)

No. 12
Effects of peat feeding on the performance and health status of fattening pigs and environmentally derived mycobacteria
M. Trckova, Z. Zraly, L. Matlova, V. Beran, M. Moravkova, J. Svobodova, I. Pavlik
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 533-543abstractdownload PDF
Effect of feeding treated peat as a supplement to newborn piglets on the growth, health status and occurrence of conditionally pathogenic mycobacteria
M. Trckova, Z. Zraly, P. Bejcek, L. Matlova, V. Beran, A. Horvathova, M. Faldyna, M. Moravkova, Shitaye JE, J. Svobodová, I. Pavlik
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 544-554abstractdownload PDF
The prevalence of Toxoplasma gondiiIgM and IgG antibodies in dogs and cats from the Czech Republic
K. Sedlak, E. Bartova
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 555-558abstractdownload PDF

No. 11
Mycobacterial and Rhodococcus equiinfections in pigs in theCzechRepublicbetween the years 1996 and 2004: the causal factors and distribution of infections in the tissues
Shitaye JE, I. Parmova, L. Matlova, L. Dvorska, A. Horvathova, V. Vrbas, I. Pavlik
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 497-511abstractdownload PDF
A prevalence study of bovine tuberculosis by using abattoir meat inspection and tuberculin skin testing data, histopathological and IS6110PCR examination of tissues with tuberculous lesions in cattle inEthiopia
Shitaye JE, B. Getahun, T. Alemayehu, M. Skoric, F. Treml, P. Fictum, V. Vrbas, I. Pavlik
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 512-522abstractdownload PDF
Mycobacterium capraeinfection in cattle and pigs on one family farm inCroatia: a case report
Z. Cvetnic, S. Spicic, V. Katalinic-Jankovic, S. Marjanovic, M. Obrovac, M. Benic, M. Mitak, I. Pavlik
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 523-531abstractdownload PDF

No. 10
Effects of cypermethrin on rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss
J. Velisek, T. Wlasow, P. Gomulka, Z. Svobodova, R. Dobsikova, L. Novotny, M. Dudzik
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 469-476abstractdownload PDF

New records of protostrongylid lungworms from wild ruminants in Bulgaria

Panayotova-Pencheva MS
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 477-484abstractdownload PDF
Morphological studies on lyssa in cats and dogs
K. Besoluk, E. Eken, E. Sur
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 485-489abstractdownload PDF
Blood profile in green iguanas after short-term anaesthesia with propofol 
Z. Knotkova, Z. Knotek, S. Trnkova, P. Mikulcova
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 491-496abstractdownload PDF

No. 9
The role of neutrophil apoptosis during experimentally induced Streptococcus uberismastitis 
Z. Sladek, D. Rysanek, H. Ryznarova, M. Faldyna
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 437-447abstractdownload PDF
Iodine content in raw milk
J. Travnicek, I. Herzig, J. Kursa, V. Kroupova, M. Navratilova
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 448-453abstractdownload PDF
The effect of vitrification in open pulled straws on pregnancy rates after transfer of in vivoproduced bovine embryos
M. Lopatarova, S. Cech, L. Holy, R. Dolezel
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 454-460abstractdownload PDF
Clostridium perfringens in suckling piglets with diarrhoea and its PCR typing and prevalence in the Czech Republic in 2001–2003
L. Czanderlova, P. Hlozek, D. Chmelar, P. Lany
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 461-467abstractdownload PDF

No. 8
Antipredator pheromones in amphibians: a review
J. Rajchard
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 409-413abstractdownload PDF
Restriction fragment length polymorphism of ORF6 and ORF7 genes of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) vaccine strains registered in the CzechRepublic
E. Kosinova, I. Psikal
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 414-422abstractdownload PDF
The ability of recovery in common carp after nitrite poisoning
H. Kroupova, J. Machova, Z. Svobodova, V. Piackova, M. Smutna
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 423-431abstractdownload PDF
Serum lidocaine concentration after epidural administration in dogs
D. Vnuk, N. Lemo, B. Radisic, V. Nesek-Adam, A. Musulin, J. Kos
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 432-436abstractdownload PDF

No. 7
Cell wall deficient forms of mycobacteria: a review
V. Beran, M. Havelkova, J. Kaustova, L. Dvorska, I. Pavlik
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 365-389abstractdownload PDF
Effect of polychlorinated biphenyls on the secretion of oxytocin from luteal and granulosa cells in cow: possible involvement of glucocorticoid receptors
Mlynarczuk JJ, J. Kotwica
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 391-398abstractdownload PDF
The use of amaranth (genus AmaranthusL.) in the diets for broiler chickens
B. Pisarikova, Z. Zraly, S. Kracmar, M. Trckova, I. Herzig
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 399-407abstractdownload PDF

No. 6
Monitoring of the genetic health of cattle in theCzechRepublic
J. Citek, V. Rehout, J. Hajkova, J. Pavkova
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 333-339abstractdownload PDF
The importance of increased levels of oxytocin induced by naloxone to milk removal in dairy cows
V. Tancin, J. Macuhova, D. Schams, Bruckmaier RM
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 340-345abstractdownload PDF
Influence of increased lipid content in diet in the form of treated rapeseed meal on the metabolism and milk yield of dairy cows in the first third of lactation
A. Pechova, R. Dvorak, P. Drastich, V. Lubojacka, L. Pavlata, J. Poul
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 346-355abstractdownload PDF
-Lung hemorrhage in a green iguana (Iguana iguana) with chronic metabolic failure: a case report 
V. Jekl, R. Halouzka, Z. Knotkova, GMDorrestein, Z. Knotek
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 356-363abstractdownload PDF

No. 5
Veterinary Research Institute, Brno, Czech Republic: Analysis of papers published from 1990 to 2005
K. Hruska
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 161-167abstractdownload PDF
Haemophilus parasuis and Glässer’s disease in pigs: a review
K. Nedbalcova, P. Satran, Z. Jaglic, R. Ondriasova, Z. Kucerova
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 168-179abstractdownload PDF
Methods of mycobacterial DNA isolation from different biological material: a review
J. Hosek, P. Svastova, M. Moravkova, I. Pavlik, M. Bartos
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 180-192abstractdownload PDF
Economic impact of paratuberculosis in dairy cattle herds: a review 
L. Hasonova, I. Pavlik
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 193-211abstractdownload PDF
Genetically modified potato plants in nutrition and prevention of diseases in humans and animals: a review
R. Pribylova, I. Pavlik, M. Bartos
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 212-223abstractdownload PDF
Isolation and physical localization of new chromosome-specific centromeric repeats in farm animals
A. Pauciullo, S. Kubickova, H. Cernohorska, K. Petrova, D. Di Berardino, L. Ramunno, J. Rubes
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 224-231abstractdownload PDF
Collection of oocytes from donors in the growth phase of follicular development can enhance the production of bovine embryos for cryopreservation
M. Machatkova, K. Hanzalova, J. Horakova, Z. Reckova, P. Hulinska
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 232-238abstractdownload PDF
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in porcine and bovine organs and tissues
M. Ciganek, J. Neca
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 239-247abstractdownload PDF
Validation of a monoclonal antibody-based ELISA for the quantification of the furazolidone metabolite (AOZ) in eggs using various sample preparation
M. Franek, I. Diblikova, M. Vass, L. Kotkova, K. Stastny, K. Frgalova, K. Hruska
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 248-257abstractdownload PDF
γδ-TCR+ CD2 lymphocytes are recruited into bovine mammary gland after stimulation
M. Faldyna, L. Leva, Z. Sladek, D. Rysanek, M. Toman
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 258-264abstractdownload PDF
Spontaneous and induced cytolysis of leukocytes from bovine mammary gland in the course of cultivation in vitro – the correlation with neutrophil granulocytes apoptosis
D. Rysanek, Z. Sladek, V. Babak, D. Vasickova, M. Hubackova
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 265-277abstractdownload PDF
Characterisation of Pasteurella multocida isolated from rabbits in the CzechRepublic
Z. Jaglic, Z. Kucerova, K. Nedbalcova, P. Kulich, P. Alexa
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 278-287abstractdownload PDF
Isolation, immunochemical demonstration of field strains of porcine group A rotaviruses and electrophoretic analysis of RNA segments of group A and C rotaviruses
R. Smitalova, L. Rodak, I. Psikal, B. Smid
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 288-295abstractdownload PDF
Production of monoclonal antibodies against immunoglobulin heavy chain in common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)
T. Vesely, S. Reschova, D. Pokorova, J. Hulova, Z. Nevorankova
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 296-302abstractdownload PDF
Antibiotic resistance of Salmonella spp. isolates from pigs in the CzechRepublic
F. Sisak, H. Havlickova, H. Hradecka, I. Rychlik, I. Kolackova, R. Karpiskova
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 303-310abstractdownload PDF
Risk assessment of mycobacterial infections (human tuberculosis and avian mycobacteriosis) during anatomical dissection of cadavers
M. Bartos, H. Pavlikova, L. Dvorska, R. Horvath, M. Dendis, P. Flodr, Z. Kolar, Weston RT, L. Pac, L. Matlova, I. Pavlik
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 311-319abstractdownload PDF
Mycobacterial infections in European wild boar (Sus scrofa) in the CzechRepublic during the years 2002 to 2005
I. Trcka, J. Lamka, R. Suchy, M. Kopecna, V. Beran, M. Moravkova, A. Horvathova, M. Bartos, I. Parmova, I. Pavlik
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 320-332abstractdownload PDF

No. 4
Immune relevant gene expression of mammary epithelial cells and their influence on leukocyte chemotaxis in response to different mastitis pathogens
O. Wellnitz, P. Reith, Haas SC, Meyer HHD
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 125-132abstractdownload PDF
Different estrous induction methods during the non-breeding season in Kivircik ewes
I. Dogan, Z. Nur
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 133-138abstractdownload PDF
Peptidolytic enzymes in different larval stadium of housefly Musca domestica
J. Blahovec, Z. Kostecka, A. Kocisova
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 139-144abstractdownload PDF
Safety assessment of sanguiritrin, alkaloid fraction of Macleaya cordata, in rats
J. Psotova, R. Vecera, A. Zdarilova, E. Anzenbacherova, P. Kosina, A. Svobodova, J. Hrbac, D. Jirovsky, M. Stiborova, V. Lichnovsky, J. Vicar, V. Simanek, J. Ulrichova
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 145-155abstractdownload PDF
Persistent right aortic arch and aberrant left subclavian artery in a dog: a case report
Kim NS, Alam MR, Choi IH
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 156-160abstractdownload PDF

No. 3
Susceptibility of Escherichia coli, Salmonella sp. and Clostridium perfringensto organic acids and monolaurin
E. Skrivanova, M. Marounek, V. Benda, P. Brezina
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 81-88abstractdownload PDF
Appearance of iron-labeled blood mononuclear cells in electron microscopy
D. Horky, I. Lauschova, M. Klabusay, M. Doubek, P. Sheer, S. Palsa, J. Doubek
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 89-92abstractdownload PDF
Iodine content in consumer hen eggs
J. Travnicek, V. Kroupova, I. Herzig, J. Kursa
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 93-100abstractdownload PDF
Determination of total mercury and mercury species in fish and aquatic ecosystems of Moravian rivers
P. Houserova, V. Kuban, P. Spurny, P. Habarta
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 101-110abstractdownload PDF
A modified salvage technique in surgical repair of perineal hernia in dogs using polypropylene mesh
D. Vnuk, D. Maticic, M. Kreszinger, B. Radisic, J. Kos, M. Lipar, T. Babic
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 111-117abstractdownload PDF
Preaxial longitudinal intercalary radial hemimelia in a dog: a case report
Alam MR, Heo SY, Lee HB, Kim JH, Park YJ, Lee KC, IHChoi, Kim NS
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 118-123abstractdownload PDF

No. 2
Application of an electrometric method for measurement of in vitroinhibition of blood cholinesterases from sheep, goats and cattle by dichlorvos and carbaryl
Mohammad FK, Al-Baggou BK, Alias AS, Faris GA-M
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 45-50abstractdownload PDF
Determination of intracellular (neutrophil and monocyte) concentrations of free and liposome encapsulated ampicillin in sheep
E. Yazar, Bas AL, Bırdane YO, K. Yapar, M. Elmas, B. Tras
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 51-54abstractdownload PDF
The branches of the descending palatine artery and their relation to the vomeronasal organ inAngoragoats
K. Besoluk, E. Eken, S. Bahar
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 55-59abstractdownload PDF
A morphological and morphometrical study on the sacculus rotundus and ileum of the Angora rabbit
K. Besoluk, E. Eken, E. Sur
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 60-65abstractdownload PDF
Carpal flexural deformity in puppies
K. Altunatmaz, S. Ozsoy
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 66-70abstractdownload PDF
The morphology of the penis in porcupine (Hystrix cristata)
O. Atalar, Ceribasi AO
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 66-70abstractdownload PDF
Pyloric ulceration and stenosis in a two-year-old thoroughbred filly: a case report
B. Bezdekova, P. Jahn, J. Mezerova
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 71-74abstractdownload PDF
Pyloric ulceration and stenosis in a two-year-old thoroughbred filly: a case report
B. Bezdekova, P. Jahn, J. Mezerova
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 75-80abstractdownload PDF

No. 1
Diagnostic possibilities in the management of canine prostatic disorders 
K. Paclikova, P. Kohout, M. Vlasin
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 1-13abstractdownload PDF
Associations between bovine lactoferrin gene polymorphism and somatic cell count in milk
K. Wojdak-Maksymiec, M. Kmiec, J. Ziemak
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 14-20abstractdownload PDF
The impact of the transport distance and season on losses of fattened pigs during transport to the slaughterhouse in the Czech Republic in the period from 1997 to 2004
V. Vecerek, M. Malena, M. Malena, E. Voslarova, P. Chloupek
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 21-28abstractdownload PDF
Changes of haematological parameters in common pheasant throughout the year
K. Hauptmanova, M. Maly, I. Literak
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 29-34abstractdownload PDF
Plasma insulin-like growth factor-1 concentration in dogs with chronic enteropathies
Spichiger AC, K. Allenspach, Y. Zbinden, Doherr MG, S. Hiss, Blum JW, SNSauter
Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (2006): 35-43abstractdownload PDF

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