Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010)

No. 12
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): I-XVdownload PDF
Mycobacteria in water, feedstocks and food: analysis of publications
M. Kaevska, K. Hruska
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 571-580abstractdownload PDF
Demonstration of the effect of epidermal growth factor on ram sperm parameters using two fluorescent assays
AV Makarevich, E. Kubovicova, AV Sirotkin, J. Pivko
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 581-589abstractdownload PDF
Pathology of subclinical paratuberculosis (Johne's Disease) in Awassi sheep with reference to its occurrence in Jordan
NQ Hailat, W. Hananeh, AS Metekia, JR Stabel, A. Al-Majali, S. Lafi
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 590-602abstractdownload PDF
Three-dimensional computed tomographic volume rendering imaging as a teaching tool in veterinary radiology instruction
H. Lee, J. Kim, Y. Cho, M. Kim, N. Kim, K. Lee
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 603-609abstractdownload PDF
The phytogenetic feed additive Sangrovit modulates dextran sulfate sodium-induced colitis in rats
E. Vrublova, J. Vostalova, J. Ehrmann, I. Palikova, J. Vrbkova, J. Vacek, N. Cibicek, R. Vecera, J. Ulrichova, V. Simanek
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 610-618abstractdownload PDF
Effects of Nigella sativa and silver sulfadiazine on burn wound healing in rats
I. Yaman, AS Durmus, S. Ceribasi, M. Yaman
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 619-624abstractdownload PDF
 Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in a mouflon herd without clinical symptoms monitored using IS900 real-time PCR: a case report
R. Pribylova, I. Slana, J. Lamka, V. Babak, K. Hruska, I. Pavlik
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 625-630abstractdownload PDF
Multiple mammary tumours in a bitch: analysis of mitotic index, AgNOR count and c-erbB2 expression status: a case report
P. Kumar, RVS Pawaiya, BP Madhu
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 631-635abstractdownload PDF

No. 11
 Heparin and its derivatives in the treatment of arterial thrombosis: a review 
M. Dvorak, M. Vlasin, M. Dvorakova, P. Rauser, L. Lexmaulova, Z. Gregor, R. Staffa
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 523-546abstractdownload PDF
A histological evaluation of bone calluses in the treatment of tibia fractures in sheep with the use of a semicircular fixator 
Z. Adamiak, T. Rotkiewicz
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 547-550abstractdownload PDF
Effects of bromelain on cellular characteristics and expression of selected genes in canine in vitro chondrocyte culture
P. Siengdee, K. Nganvongpanit, P. Pothacharoen, S. Chomdej, S. Mekchay, S. Ong-Chai
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 551-560abstractdownload PDF
Guttural pouch mycosis in a donkey (Equus asinus): a case report
F. Laus, E. Paggi, M. Cerquetella, D. Spaziante, A. Spaterna, B. Tesei
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 561-565abstractdownload PDF
Repair of cleft palate in a calf using polypropylene mesh and palatal mucosal flap: a case report 
O. Smolec, D. Vnuk, J. Kos, N. Brkljaca Bottegaro, B. Pirkic
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 566-570abstractdownload PDF

No. 10
 Research on Mycobacterium avium during the period 1995 to 2009
M. Kaevska, K. Hruska
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 473-482abstractdownload PDF
From research to farm: ex ante evaluation of strategic deworming in pig finishing
J. Van Meensel, A. Kanora, L. Lauwers, J. Jourquin, L. Goossens, G. Van Huylenbroeck
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 483-493abstractdownload PDF
Effects of probiotic dietary supplementation on diarrhoea patterns, faecal microbiota and performance of early weaned calves
J. Jatkauskas, V. Vrotniakiene
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 494-503abstractdownload PDF
Bacterial contamination of the uterus in cows with various clinical types of metritis and endometritis and use of hydrogen peroxide for intrauterine treatment
R. Dolezel, T. Palenik, S. Cech, L. Kohoutova, M. Vyskocil
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 504-511abstractdownload PDF
Assessment of transcript and protein levels contributing to cell cycle control and gap junction connections in morphologically variable groups of porcine cumulus-oocyte complexes
P. Antosik, B. Kempisty, M. Jackowska, H. Piotrowska, D. Bukowska, M. Wozna, M. Lianeri
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 512-521abstractdownload PDF

No. 9
 Biologically active substances of bird skin: a review
J. Rajchard
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 413-421abstractdownload PDF
Effects of an aerobic training program on oxidative stress biomarkers in bulls
BM Escribano, I. Tunez, F. Requena, MD Rubio, R. De Miguel, P. Montilla, P. Tovar, EI Aguera
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 422-428abstractdownload PDF
Effect of acrosome reaction progress in frozen-thawed boar spermatozoa on the efficiency of in vitro oocyte fertilization
S. Martecikova, P. Hulinska, Z. Reckova, A. Pavlik, M. Jeseta, M. Machatkova
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 429-437abstractdownload PDF
Effect of seven-day administration of carprofen or meloxicam on renal function in clinically healthy miniature pigs
P. Rauser, L. Stehlik, P. Proks, R. Srnec, A. Necas
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 438-444abstractdownload PDF
The effects of inhalation salbutamol administration on systemic and pulmonary hemodynamic, pulmonary mechanics and oxygen balance during general anaesthesia in the horse
M. Patschova, R. Kabes, S. Krisova
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 445-456abstractdownload PDF
Prevalence and distribution of Nosema ceranae in Croatian honeybee colonies
I. Tlak Gajger, O. Vugrek, D. Grilec, Z. Petrinec
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 457-462abstractdownload PDF
Characterization of drug metabolizing enzymes and assessment of aging in the gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata) liver
H. Ardag Akdogan, A. Sen
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 463-471abstractdownload PDF

No. 8
Lactoferrin inhibits E. coli O157:H7 growth and attachment to intestinal epithelial cells
M. Atef Yekta, F. Verdonck, W. Van Den Broeck, BM Goddeeris, E. Cox, D. Vanroy
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 359-368abstractdownload PDF
Mycobacterium arupense among the isolates of non-tuberculous mycobacteria from human, animal and environmental samples
M. Slany, J. Svobodova, A. Ettlova, I. Slana, V. Mrlik, I. Pavlik
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 369-376abstractdownload PDF
 The effect of high temperature on swine ovarian function in vitro
AV Sirotkin, M. Kacaniova
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 377-382abstractdownload PDF
Chronic cannulation in the small intestine of feral pigeons (Columba livia) to assess bioavailability
JG Chediack, FD Cid, SV Fasulo, E. Caviedes-Vidal
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 383-388abstractdownload PDF
Macroanatomy of the cranial cervical ganglion in Angora goats
HH Ari, Z. Soyguder, S. Cinaroglu
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 389-393abstractdownload PDF
Association between over-chlorinated drinking water and adverse reproductive outcomes in gilts and sows: a case report
A. Tofant, M. Ostovic, S. Wolf, A. Ekert Kabalin, Z. Pavicic, J. Grizelj
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 394-398abstractdownload PDF
Uroperitoneum secondary to rupture of the urachus associated with Clostridium spp. infection in a foal: a case report
FJ Mendoza, M. Lopez, E. Diez, A. Perez-Ecija, JC Estepa
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 399-404abstractdownload PDF
 Uterine leiomyosarcoma in a dog: a case report
G. Serin, A. Aydogan, R. Yaygingul, R. Tunca
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 405-408abstractdownload PDF
 Vaginal leiomyosarcoma in a degu (Octodon degus): a case report
M. Skoric, P. Fictum, V. Jekl, K. Hauptman, Z. Knotek, M. Hermanova
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 409-412abstractdownload PDF

No. 7
Surgical repair of Achilles tendon rupture in dogs: a review of the literature, a case report and new perspectives
G. Spinella, R. Tamburro, G. Loprete, JM Vilar, S. Valentini
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 303-310abstractdownload PDF
Serum pepsinogen level and abomasal ulcerations in experimental abomasal displacement in sheep
A. Hajimohammadi, K. Badiei, K. Mostaghni, M. Pourjafar
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 311-317abstractdownload PDF
Early Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae infections in European suckling pigs in herds with respiratory problems: detection rate and risk factors
I. Villarreal, K. Vranckx, L. Duchateau, F. Pasmans, F. Haesebrouck, JC Jensen, IA Nanjiani, D. Maes
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 318-324abstractdownload PDF
Examination of Mycobacterium avium subsp. avium distribution in naturally infected hens by culture and triplex quantitative real time PCR
M. Kaevska, I. Slana, P. Kralik, I. Pavlik
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 325-330abstractdownload PDF
The pathological changes in the hind limb of a horse from the Roman Period
M. Janeczek, A. Chroszcz, Z. Miklikova, M. Fabis
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 331-335abstractdownload PDF
Tremorgenic mycotoxicosis caused by Paspalum paspaloides (Michx.) Scribner infected by Claviceps paspali: a case report
MR Moyano, AM Molina, AJ Lora, J. Mendez, A. Rueda
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 336-338abstractdownload PDF
First isolation of Mycobacterium genavense in a blue headed parrot (Pionus menstruus) imported from Surinam (South America) to the Czech Republic: a case report
JE Shitaye, R. Halouzka, J. Svobodova, V. Grymova, M. Grym, M. Skoric, P. Fictum, V. Beran, M. Slany, I. Pavlik
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 339-347abstractdownload PDF
 Avian tuberculosis in a captured Ruppell's griffon vulture (Gyps ruppellii): a case report
M. Skoric, P. Fictum, L. Frgelecova, P. Kriz, I. Slana, M. Kaevska, I. Pavlik
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 348-352abstractdownload PDF
Ovariectomy of a brown bear (Ursus arctos): a case report
B. Radisic, M. Sindicic, D. Huber, J. Kusak, T. Gomercic, D. Vnuk, D. Maticic, A. Slavica
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 353-357abstractdownload PDF

No. 6
 Analysis of whole cell protein profiles of Salmonella serovars isolated from chicken, turkey and sheep faeces by SDS-PAGE
A. Aksakal
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 259-263abstractdownload PDF
The influence of orally administered short chain fatty acids on intestinal histopathological changes and intensity of Trichinella spiralis infection in mice
D. Mista, J. Piekarska, M. Houszka, W. Zawadzki, M. Gorczykowski
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 264-274abstractdownload PDF
Congenital infection with Setaria digitata and Setaria marshalli in the thoracic cavity of a Korean calf: a case report
NS Kim, HC Kim, C. Sim, JR Ji, NS Kim, BK Park
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 275-280abstractdownload PDF
 Inguinal-scrotal herniation and torsion of the large colon in an adult Andalusian stallion: a case report
FJ Mendoza, A. Perez-Ecija, JC Estepa
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 281-284abstractdownload PDF
 A large urolith in an eight year-old mare: a case report
R. Kozdrowski, R. Henklewski, M. Dzieciol, M. Bednarski
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 285-288abstractdownload PDF
Inflammatory polyp in the middle ear of a dog: a case report
A. Blutke, B. Parzefall, A. Steger, T. Goedde, W. Hermanns
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 289-293abstractdownload PDF
Dual infection of rabies virus and Babesia canis in a dog: a case report
J. Habus, Z. Stritof, V. Stevanovic, K. Martinkovic, Z. Milas, V. Staresina, N. Turk
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 294-296abstractdownload PDF
Isolation of Rhodotorula mucilaginosa from skin lesions in a Southern sea lion (Otaria flavescens): a case report
S. Alvarez-Perez, A. Mateos, L. Dominguez, E. Martinez-Nevado, JL Blanco, ME Garcia
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 297-301abstractdownload PDF

No. 5
 Alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters in prevention of diarrhoea in weaned piglets: a review
H. Vondruskova, R. Slamova, M. Trckova, Z. Zraly, I. Pavlik
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 199-224abstractdownload PDF
Grass silage contaminated with Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP): a possible source of paratuberculosis infection in ruminants?
JL Khol, V. Beran, P. Kralik, M. Trckova, I. Pavlik, W. Baumgartner
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 225-232abstractdownload PDF
 Microbiological quality of marketed fresh and frozen seafood caught off the Adriatic coast of Croatia
N. TTopic Popovic, A. Benussi Skukan, P. Dzidara, R. Coz-Rakovac, I. Strunjak-Perovic, L. Kozacinski, M. Jadan, D. Brlek-Gorski
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 233-241abstractdownload PDF
 Sources of the motor and somatic sensory innervation of the trapezius muscle in the rat
W. Sienkiewicz, A. Dudek
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 242-252abstractdownload PDF
 Penetrating cranial injury due to gunshot in a dog: a case report
S. Park, J. Park, JM Kim, JH Kim, J. Son, D. Chang, SH Choi, G. Kim
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 253-257abstractdownload PDF

No. 4
 Effects of Border disease virus (genotype 3) naturally transmitted by persistently infected sheep to pregnant heifers and their progeny
R. Krametter-Froetscher, N. Mason, J. Roetzel, V. Benetka, Z. Bago, K. Moestl
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 145-153abstractdownload PDF
The morphology of porcine oocytes is associated with zona pellucida glycoprotein 3 and integrin beta 2 protein levels--
P. Antosik, B. Kempisty, M. Jackowska, D. Bukowska, M. Lianeri, KP Brussow, M. Wozna
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 154-162abstractdownload PDF
Malondialdehyde levels in serum of dogs infected with Babesia canis
M. Crnogaj, R. Petlevski, V. Mrljak, I. Kis, M. Torti, N. Kucer, V. Matijatko, I. Sacer, I. Stokovic
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 163-171abstractdownload PDF
 Molecular mechanisms of ceftazidime resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from canine and human infections
S-J Du, H-C Kuo, C-H Cheng, ACY Fei, H-W Wei, S-K Chang
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 172-182abstractdownload PDF
 The spinal nerves that constitute the plexus lumbosacrales of the red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris)
A. Aydin
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 183-186abstractdownload PDF
 Equine cyathostomosis: case reports
S. Bodecek, P. Jahn, O. Dobesova, E. Vavrouchova
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 187-193abstractdownload PDF
 Multiple congenital malformation in a Simental female calf: a case report
O. Smolec, J. Kos, D. Vnuk, M. Stejskal, N. Brkljaca Bottegaro, R. Zobel
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 194-198abstractdownload PDF

No. 3
Characterization of enterococci of animal and environmental origin using phenotypic methods and comparison with PCR based methods
A. Brtkova, M. Filipova, H. Drahovska, H. Bujdakova
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 97-105abstractdownload PDF
Characterization of two BHV-4 strains isolated in the Czech Republic
V. Fichtelova, K. Kovarcik
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 106-112abstractdownload PDF
Uterine prolapse in cows: Effect of raising the rear end on the clinical outcomes and reproductive performance
M. Ishii, T. Aoki, K. Yamakawa, T. Uyama, S. El-khodery, M. Matsui, Y. Miyake
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 113-118abstractdownload PDF
ESBL and AmpC beta-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in poultry in the Czech Republic
M. Kolar, J. Bardon, M. Chroma, K. Hricova, T. Stosova, P. Sauer, D. Koukalova
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 119-124abstractdownload PDF
Quantitative analysis of hydrocephalic ventricular alterations in Yorkshire terriers using magnetic resonance imaging
D-C Woo, C-B Choi, J-W Nam, K-N Ryu, G-H Jahng, S-H Lee, D-W Lee, S-Y Kim, H-Y Kim, K-J Ahn, B-Y Choe
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 125-132abstractdownload PDF
Molecular typing of Mycobacterium bovis isolated in the first outbreak of bovine tuberculosis in the Azores Islands: a case report
F. Matos, A. Amado, A. Botelho
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 133-136abstractdownload PDF
Upper eyelid and medial canthus reconstructive surgery after histiocytoma resection in a dog: a case report
M. Lew, S. Lew, A. Rozicka
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 137-143abstractdownload PDF

No. 2
Analysis of publications on paratuberculosis from 1995 to 2009 with emphasis on the period from 2005 to 2009
M. Kaevska, K. Hruska
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 43-54abstractdownload PDF
Mycobacteria in the environment of pig farms in the Czech Republic between 2003 and 2007
K. Krizova, L. Matlova, A. Horvathova, M. Moravkova, V. Beran, T. Boisselet, V. Babak, I. Slana, I. Pavlik
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 55-69abstractdownload PDF
In vitro effects of essential oils on potential pathogens and beneficial members of the normal microbiota
AC Ouwehand, K. Tiihonen, H. Kettunen, S. Peuranen, H. Schulze, N. Rautonen
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 71-78abstractdownload PDF
Course and branch of the celiac artery in the red falcon (Buteo rufinus)
A. Haligur, A. Duzler
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 79-86abstractdownload PDF
Mycobacterium avium subsp. avium in domestic pigeons (Columba livia f. domestica) diagnosed by direct conventional multiplex PCR: a case report
P. Kriz, I. Slana, V. Mrlik, M. Moravkova, A. Kralova, K. Krizova, I. Pavlik
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 87-90abstractdownload PDF
Systemic mixed infection in a brown caiman (Caiman crocodilus fuscus) caused by Mycobacterium szulgai and M. chelonae: a case report
M. Slany, Z. Knotek, M. Skoric, Z. Knotkova, J. Svobodova, V. Mrlik, M. Moravkova, I. Pavlik
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 91-96abstractdownload PDF

No. 1
Conception rate after sex determination and cryopreservation of D7 bovine embryos:
M. Lopatarova, S. Cech, P. Krontorad, L. Holy, H. Lalova, R. Dolezel
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 10-18abstractdownload PDF
Strategic control of Dicrocoelium dendriticum (Digenea) egg excretion by naturally infected sheep
MY Manga-Gonzalez, H. Quiroz-Romero, C. Gonzalez-Lanza, B. Minambres, P. Ochoa
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 19-29abstractdownload PDF
The cisterna chyli and thoracic duct in pigs (Sus scrofa domestica)
M. Duras Gomercic, T. Trbojevic Vukicevic, T. Gomercic, A. Galov, T. Fruk, H. Gomercic
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 30-34abstractdownload PDF
Cytologic and histologic features of spinal cord ependymoma in a young dog: a case report
A. Sfacteria, F. Macrì, L. Perillo, G. Rapisarda, G. Lanteri, G. Mazzullo
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 35-38abstractdownload PDF
Bone-conducted brainstem auditory evoked response in a dog with total bilateral ear canal ablation: a case report
A. Pomianowski, Z. Adamiak
Veterinarni Medicina, 55 (2010): 39-41abstractdownload PDF

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