Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012)

No. 12
Index of Volume 57
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): I-XIIIdownload PDF
Mycobacteria in water, soil, plants and air: a review
K. Hruska, M. Kaevska
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 623-679abstractdownload PDF

No. 11
Factors affecting temporary cavity generation during gunshot wound formation in animals – new aspects in the light of flow mechanics: a review
MZ Felsmann, J. Szarek, M. Felsmann, I. Babinska
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 569-574abstractdownload PDF
Susceptibility of Mycoplasma bovis field isolates to antimicrobial agents
J. Siugzdaite, A. Gabinaitiene, S. Kerziene
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 575-582abstractdownload PDF
Dynamics of milk leukocytes in response to intramammary infusion of amoxicillin plus sulbactam during bovine subclinical mastitis
UK De, R. Mukherjee
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 583-590abstractdownload PDF
Metabolic responses in endurance horses during racing in relation to uric acid profile, leucocytes, heart rate and plasma biochemical parameters
L. Adamu, MA Noraniza, A. Rasedee, A. Bashir
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 591-596abstractdownload PDF
Mechanical testing of orthopaedic suture material and a crimp clamp system for the extracapsular stabilisation of canine cruciate-deficient stifles
V. Ledecky, D. Knazovicky, M. Badida, L. Dulebova, M. Hluchy, S. Hornak
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 597-602abstractdownload PDF
The effect of sertindole on behavioural sensitisation to methamphetamine in mice
L. Landa, K. Slais, A. Sulcova
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 603-609abstractdownload PDF
Adipose stem cell combined with plasma-based implant bone tissue differentiation in vitro and in a horse with a phalanx digitalis distalis fracture: a case report
K. Marycz, J. Grzesiak, K. Wrzeszcz, P. Golonka
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 610-617abstractdownload PDF
Hypertrophic osteopathy associated with a bronchial foreign body (grass awn) in a dog: a case report
A. Palumbo Piccionello, F. Dini, AM Tambella, M. Cerquetella, C. Vullo
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 618-621abstractdownload PDF

No. 10
 Influence of dietary organic acid blend supplementation and interaction with delayed feed access after hatch on broiler growth performance and intestinal health
O. Cengiz, BH Koksal, O. Tatli, O. Sevim, H. Avci, T. Epikmen, D. Beyaz, S. Buyukyoruk
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 515-528abstractdownload PDF
Investigations into the lymphocyte phenotypes and the presence of rheumatoid factor and antinuclear antibody in the peripheral blood of 515 dogs
K. Tamura, N. Nagashima, H. Oda, M. Kunimi, T. Itoi, M. Yasukawa, T. Miyata, K. Terakado
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 529-535abstractdownload PDF
 Three combinations of clonidine in association with tiletamine-zolazepam for anaesthesia induction in rats: evaluation of reflexes and pain sensibility
G. Spinella, JM Vilar, C. Anastasi, A. Santana, U. Prati, L. Roveda, G. Ricciardi, D. Britti
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 536-542abstractdownload PDF
 The effect of memantine on behavioural sensitisation to methamphetamine in mice
L. Landa, K. Slais, A. Sulcova
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 543-550abstractdownload PDF
 Parasite load of European brown hares in Austria and the Czech Republic
K. Chroust, M. Vodnansky, J. Pikula
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 551-558abstractdownload PDF
 Isolation, cloning and sequence analysis of lactate dehydrogenase gene from Theileria annulata may lead to design of new antitheilerial drugs
A. Erdemir, M. Aktas, N. Dumanli, D. Turgut-Balik
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 559-567abstractdownload PDF

No. 9
 Single-domain antibody fragments derived from heavy-chain antibodies: a review
L. Eyer, K. Hruska
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 439-513abstractdownload PDF

No. 8
 Effects of Chitosan-oligosaccharide on diarrhoea in Hanwoo calves
MR Alam, WI Kim, JW Kim, CS Na, NS Kim
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 385-393abstractdownload PDF
 The effect of various forms of selenium supplied to pregnant goats on selected blood parameters and on the concentration of Se in urine and blood of kids at the time of weaning
A. Pechova, L. Sevcikova, L. Pavlata, R. Dvorak
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 394-403abstractdownload PDF
 Histological and histochemical studies on the Harderian gland in native chickens
B. Mobini
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 404-409abstractdownload PDF
Canine atopic dermatitis in the Middle East: clinical signs, signalment and common allergens
G. Zur, I. Skorinsky, T. Bdolah-Abram
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 410-419abstractdownload PDF
Pinnal squamous cell carcinoma in cats and the effectiveness of treatment with radical pinnectomy
A. Demirutku, K. Ozer, Y. Devecioglu, Z. Mutlu, O. Duzgun, E. Eravci, D. Haktanir, SS Arun
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 420-429abstractdownload PDF
The spinal nerves forming the brachial plexus in mole-rats (Spalax leucodon)
A. Aydin, M. Karan
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 430-433abstractdownload PDF
Transient ileocolic intussusception in a dog with histiocytic ulcerative tiflocolitis: a case report
M. Garcia-Sancho, F. Rodriguez-Franco, A. Rodriguez-Bertos, V. Carrasco, A. Villaescusa
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 434-438abstractdownload PDF

No. 7
 Current concepts in simulation and other alternatives for veterinary education: a review
M. Valliyate, NG Robinson, JR Goodman
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 325-337abstractdownload PDF
 Animal welfare in the newborn piglet: a review
D. Mota-Rojas, J. Martinez-Burnes, D. Villanueva-Garcia, P. Roldan-Santiago, ME Trujillo-Ortega, H. Orozco-Gregorio, H. Bonilla-Jaime, A. Lopez-Mayagoitia
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 338-349abstractdownload PDF
 The immunological, biochemical and molecular bases of canine senescence and carcinogenesis: a review
M. Wozna, B. Kempisty, H. Piotrowska, J. Dorszewska, D. Bukowska, M. Nowicki
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 350-359abstractdownload PDF
 Validation of a simple method for the interpretation of uterine cytology in cows
M. Prieto, M. Barrio, LA Quintela, CC Perez-Marin, JJ Becerra, M. Vigo, C. Diaz, J. Cainzos, A. Prieto, FI Fernandez, D. Martinez, PG Herradon
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 360-363abstractdownload PDF
 The effect of felbamate on behavioural sensitization to methamphetamine in mice
L. Landa, K. Slais, A. Sulcova
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 364-370abstractdownload PDF
 Mesenteric caseous lymphadenitis in a cow calf caused by Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis: a case report
NK Sood, BS Sandhu, K. Gupta, D. Narang, K. Vasudeva, ND Singh
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 371-3675abstractdownload PDF
 Atresia coli in a Japanese black calf diagnosed by a barium sulphate enema contrast radiograph in the standing position: a case report
K. Abouelnasr, M. Ishii, H. Inokuma, Y. Kobayashi, K. Lee, K. Yamada
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 376-379abstractdownload PDF
 Stenotrophomonas maltophilia urinary tract infections in three dogs: a case report
S. Kralova-Kovarikova, R. Husnik, D. Honzak, P. Kohout, P. Fictum
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 380-383abstractdownload PDF

No. 6
Genetic basis of resistance to quaternary ammonium compounds – the qac genes and their role: a review
Z. Jaglic, D. Cervinkova
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 275-281abstractdownload PDF
The cortical branches of the middle cerebral artery in the otter (Lutra lutra)
B. Skoczylas, W. Brudnicki, W. Nowicki, K. Kirkillo-Stacewicz, R. Jablonski, J. Wach
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 282-286abstractdownload PDF
Effects of extractum cepae, heparin, allantoin gel and silver sulfadiazine on burn wound healing: an experimental study in a rat model
AS Durmus, M. Yaman, HN Can
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 287-292abstractdownload PDF
Prevalence, antimicrobial resistance, and molecular characterization of Campylobacter jejuni and C. coli isolated from retail raw meat in Poland
K. Wieczorek, R. Szewczyk, J. Osek
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 293-299abstractdownload PDF
Palatability of different concentrations of a liquid nutritional supplement in healthy cats and dogs of different ages and breeds
A. Verbrugghe, GPJ Janssens, M. Hesta
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 300-307abstractdownload PDF
Coenurosis in the lumbar region of a goat: a case report
H. Oge, S. Oge, B. Gonenc, G. Ozbakis, C. Asti
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 308-313abstractdownload PDF
Primary intestinal fibrosarcoma caused by intestinal perforation in a dog: a case report
H. Avci, R. Yaygingul, M. Gultekin, ET Epikmen, K. Ural, A. Belge, SS Birincioglu
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 314-319abstractdownload PDF
Cholangiocarcinoma in a Ring-Necked Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus): a case report
O. Ozmen
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 320-323abstractdownload PDF

No. 5
 Direct and indirect assessment of selenium status in sheep – a comparison
L. Pavlata, L. Misurova, A. Pechova, T. Husakova, R. Dvorak
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 219-223abstractdownload PDF
 Recovery of Cryptosporidium from spiked water and stool samples measured by PCR and real time PCR
M. Adamska, A. Leonska-Duniec, M. Sawczuk, A. Maciejewska, B. Skotarczak
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 224-232abstractdownload PDF
 Reference data of clinical chemistry, haematology and blood  coagulation parameters in juvenile cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis)
H. Wang, YY Niu, W. Si, YJ Li, Y. Yan
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 233-238abstractdownload PDF
 The branching of the aortic arch in the Eurasian bittern (Botaurus stellaris, Linnaeus 1758)
S. Erdogan
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 239-244abstractdownload PDF
 Evaluation of the developmental toxicity of 2-phenoxyethanol and clove oil anaesthetics using the Frog Embryo Teratogenesis Assay: Xenopus (FETAX)
D. Vrskova, H. Modra
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 245-250abstractdownload PDF
 Immunohistochemical profile of multicentric cutaneous epitheliotropic T-cell lymphoma with generalised lymphadenopathy in a Holstein-Friesian cow: a case report
I. Otrocka-Domagala, Z. Procajlo, K. Pazdzior, M. Gesek, T. Rotkiewicz, W. Szweda
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 251-257abstractdownload PDF
 Treatment of an infected total knee replacement with two-stage arthrodesis in a dog: a case report
IS Kim, CS Kim, KC Lee, NS Kim, MS Kim, MR Alam, HB Lee
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 258-262abstractdownload PDF
 Hemangiopericytoma in a cat: a case report
A. Blutke, J. Knebel, A. Brühschwein, W. Breuer, W. Hermanns
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 263-269abstractdownload PDF
 Magnetic resonance imaging of a sacral bone with telangiectatic osteosarcoma in a dog: a case report
Z. Adamiak, A. Pomianowski, I. Otrocka-Domagala, M. Jaskolska
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 270-273abstractdownload PDF

No. 4
The invasive and new non-invasive methods of mammalian oocyte and embryo quality assessment: a review
D. Bukowska, B. Kempisty, H. Piotrowska, R. Walczak, P. Sniadek, J. Dziuban, KP Brussow
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 169-176abstractdownload PDF
 Biologically active substances from water invertebrates: a review
J. Sinko, J. Rajchard, Z. Balounova, L. Fikotova
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 177-184abstractdownload PDF
 Pain in domestic animals and how to assess it: a review
L. Landa
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 185-192abstractdownload PDF
 Molecular detection of antimicrobial resistance genes in E. coli isolated from slaughtered commercial chickens in Iran
H. Momtaz, E. Rahimi, S. Moshkelani
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 193-197abstractdownload PDF
 Pathological and immunohistochemical studies on rare cases of primary extragenital transmissible venereal tumours in the mammary gland
K. Gupta, NK Sood
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 198-206abstractdownload PDF
 Total antioxidant  capacity in dogs with gastric dilatation and volvulus
I. Uhrikova, K. Rehakova, L. Rauserova-Lexmaulova, A. Lojek, J. Doubek
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 207-211abstractdownload PDF
 Mycobacteria in peat used as a supplement for pigs: failure of different decontamination methods to eliminate the risk
L. Matlova, M. Kaevska, M. Moravkova, V. Beran, Shitaye JE, I. Pavlik
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 212-217abstractdownload PDF

No. 3
 Toxoplasma gondii and Neospora caninum antibodies in goats in the Czech Republic
E. Bartova, K. Sedlak
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 111-114abstractdownload PDF
 The prevalence of hepatitis E virus in piglets on Czech pig production farms and phylogenetic analysis of recovered isolates
E. Kosinova, J. Bendova, P. Vasickova, R. Smitalova, J. Prodelalova
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 115-120abstractdownload PDF
 Comparative single intraperitoneal dose pharmacokinetics of aspirin and acetaminophen in chicks
FK Mohammad, AS Mansoor, MHI Al-Zubaidy
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 121-124abstractdownload PDF
 Prevalence of etiological agents of selected respiratory infections in chicken and turkey farms in the Czech Republic
D. Lobova, L. Kohoutova, D. Molinkova, K. Rosenbergova, O. Kubicek, V. Celer
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 125-132abstractdownload PDF
 DNA integrity in fresh, chilled and frozen-thawed canine spermatozoa
P. Prinosilova, R. Rybar, A. Zajicova, J. Hlavicova
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 133-142abstractdownload PDF
 Descriptive study of botulism in an Austrian dairy herd: a case report
J. Kummel, R. Krametter-Froetscher, G. Six, R. Brunthaler, W. Baumgartner, B. Altenbrunner-Martinek
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 143-149abstractdownload PDF
 Lymphoma of the trachea in a cat: a case report
F. Jelinek, F. Hozmanova
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 150-153abstractdownload PDF
 Diagnosis of a Dicrocoelium dendriticum infection in New World Camelids: a case report
D. Klein, H. Prosl, D. Thaller, M. Floeck
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 154-162abstractdownload PDF
 Infection in a female Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) caused by Mycobacterium intracellulare: a case report
M. Skoric, V. Mrlik, J. Svobodova, V. Beran, M. Slany, P. Fictum, J. Pokorny, I. Pavlik
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 163-168abstractdownload PDF

No. 2
Prevalence of bovine tuberculosis in cattle in the highlands of Cameroon based on the detection of lesions in slaughtered cattle and tuberculin skin tests of live cattle
J. Awah-Ndukum, AC Kudi, G. Bradley, I. Ane-Anyangwe, VPK Titanji, S. Fon-Tebug, J. Tchoumboue
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 59-76abstractdownload PDF
Immunohistological changes in skin wounds during the early periods of healing in a rat model
F. Sabol, L. Dancakova, P. Gal, T. Vasilenko, M. Novotny, K. Smetana, L. Lenhardt
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 77-82abstractdownload PDF
Health advantages of transition to batch management system in farrow-to-finish pig herds
F. Vangroenweghe, L. Suls, E. Van Driessche, D. Maes, E. De Graef
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 83-91abstractdownload PDF
Dietary conjugated linoleic acid influences the content of stearinic acid in porcine adipose tissu
M. Stanimirovic, B. Petrujkic, N. Delic, N. Djelic, J. Stevanovic, Z. Stanimirovic
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 92-100abstractdownload PDF
Geographical distribution of the giant liver fluke (Fascioloides magna) in the Czech Republic and potential risk of its further spread
M. Kasny, L. Beran, V. Siegelova, T. Siegel, R. Leontovyc, K. BerankovA, J. Pankrac, M. Kostakova, P. Horak
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 101-109abstractdownload PDF

No. 1
 Sulfonamides in the environment: a review and a case report
K. Hruska, M. Franek
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 1-35abstractdownload PDF
 Growth of the dominant follicle and endometrial folding after administration of hCG in mares during oestrus
R. Dolezel, K. Ruzickova, G. Maceckova
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 36-41abstractdownload PDF
Basic values of M-mode echocardiographic parameters of the left ventricle in outbreed Wistar rats
P. Scheer, V. Sverakova, J. Doubek, K. Janeckova, I. Uhrikova, P. Svoboda
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 42-52abstractdownload PDF
 Evaluation of the wound healing activity of an ethanolic extract of Ceylon cinnamon in mice
MR Farahpour, M. Habibi
Veterinarni Medicina, 57 (2012): 53-57abstractdownload PDF

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